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Chapter 92.3 - Hades’ Canyon

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 92.3: Hades’ Canyon

    “The batch of Elixir Cultivators we recruited before had quite a number of spies who sneaked in trying to gather information but Little Monster was really smart. He brought out the antidote elixir cultivated by Qing Yu, asked all of them to list out a breakdown of its components, and they had to produce an elixir that was exactly the same. What do you think was the result?”

    When Bai Zhi Yan spoke of that, the expression on his face just shone with delight. “Not to even mention cultivating the elixir, not a single one among them was able to even name all the components correctly. I have to say that it is truly such a big waste that the lass is not in Cloud Heaven. With her level of talent and ability, even if she was in the White Fen Lands, the Guildmaster of their Elixir Cultivator Guild will have to give up his position for her.”

    “You really think so highly of her?” Lou Jun Yao said with an almost imperceptible smile.

    Anyone who was able to remain by Lou Jun Yao’s side were all not ordinary people, and they were all afflicted with the same condition which was arrogant haughtiness. Besides their own Lord, they looked down on everyone else with Bai Zhi Yan the most extreme among the whole lot.

    Even in Cloud Heaven itself, there were not many people who convinced him but his impression of Qing Yu had always been very good.

    Hearing that, Bai Zhi Yan then blinked his beautiful looking peach blossom like eyes. “That is only natural. Not to mention that her medical skills are already a few heads higher than mine but just based on the fact that as a puerile little girl back then, she was able to escape from under your hands without a scratch on her and had even stolen the Polar Fire Core, such guts and resourcefulness is enough to make me prostrate myself before her!”

    “But there is one matter that I still do not understand.” The joking expression on Bai Zhi Yan’s face was suddenly restrained. “The voodoo curse you were afflicted with back then was so powerful that even I was not able to get close at all. How come you were still fine when that little lass touched you?”

    Lou Jun Yao was speechless. “…..”

    [If even a superior grade Elixir Cultivator like you does not know, how could I possibly know anything about that?]

    Lou Jun Yao had not said a word when Bai Zhi Yan’s expression froze for a moment, like he had just thought of something highly incredible. His tone of voice was rather hesitant as he said: “Could it possibly be like what is portrayed in all those skits everywhere? That only the one that is destined by fate is able to come in such close proximity?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze glinted sharply and he then said in a dark tone: “I think you stayed too long in these warm and gentle villages for too long. That kind of thinking is highly dangerous.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was puzzled. “Dangerous?”

    “I am already several hundred years old, and to me, that little fox is no different from a little young and innocent child. You can actually spout such words like the one destined by fate, isn’t that very dangerous?” Lou Jun Yao retorted.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face was serious. “So what? Although the little lass is a little young, but her mind and the way she deals with things are anything but innocent. Moreover she has good looks and has great character, why can’t she be the one destined in your life?”

    Speaking up to this point, Bai Zhi Yan’s demeanor had become confrontational. Feeling highly displeased with the attitude Lou Jun Yao was showing, Bai Zhi Yan was taking a terrifying stance that seemed to be saying “The maiden is good in every single way, so how could you possibly not like her?”.

    Ignoring Bai Zhi Yan’s nagging, a twitch tugged at Lou Jun Yao’s temple as he resisted the urge to throw the person in front of him out of the window but went on to say softly instead: “I heard that the injured Lightning Blaze Unicorn you saved back then has advanced to the eleventh level?”

    “That’s right. The last time it advanced, I was almost struck half to death by its Lightning Tribulations. It’s really so troublesome in these low level lands. All spirit beasts above the eighth level have to be strictly confined.” Lou Jun Yao succeeded in diverting Bai Zhi Yan’s attention away. “Speaking of this, I had never thought that there would be such a great seedling of spirit beasts in such low level lands. If I train and nurture it properly, it might have a chance of becoming a Super Divine Beast.”

    “Where did you place it?” Although it would be contained within a barrier, a Lightning Blaze Unicorn beast like that could not possibly be kept in any ordinary place for long.