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Chapter 93.1 - Did This Fella Just Far

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 93.1: Did This Fella Just Fart

    Bai Zhi Yan shrugged his shoulders indifferently. “In Hades’ Canyon. The geographical terrain there is rather unique and the place is perpetually covered in a miasma of smog, the space in there ever changing, a well concealed place which is perfect for it to rest and recuperate.”

    The voice had just fallen when Lou Jun Yao’s handsome looking countenance darkened and his eyes narrowed to a slit as he stared at Bai Zhi Yan. “What did you say?”

    “Hm? I told you it’s in Hades’ Canyon right…..” When Bai Zhi Yan spoke those words, he seemed to feel that something felt wrong and the colour of his face immediately changed. “Hades’ Canyon….. Oh god! Damn!”

    It was still daytime in Hades’ Canyon at that moment and an occasional strange sounding screech would sound out in the skies overhead intermittently. Besides that, it felt unusually quiet. Yan Xi Rou was being rather dense as even having come in to such a dangerous place, she was still being so dispirited and downcast. It wasn’t until they heard the strange calls that she sobered up a little.

    Yan Xi Wu was watching the two people walking in front of her, and her eyes then flashed with a glint before she pulled Yan Xi Rou along to quickly catch up to the pair of twins in front.

    “Sis, did you come inside when you came here previously?” Qing Bei slanted his head to the side and asked.

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and glanced at him before she replied: “I stayed only at the perimeters the last time, and did not come in.”

    Thinking back about it, it was rather strange. She had gone to many dangerous places throughout the years but somehow did not come here to Hades’ Canyon itself. The reason for that was not clear to her. It was as if this place had somehow been forgotten.

    After walking a good distance, what was surprising was that they did not encounter even the shadow of a single spirit beast. It was rumoured that spirit beasts roam everywhere in the Hades’ Canyon and they were starting to think that all of that had just been greatly exaggerated. But at that moment, they were about to face their first difficulty in there. Night was falling.

    The night that could last as long as twenty hours, a natural environment that was completely different from the world outside, which would cause one’s heart to inadvertently grow nervous.

    A person would always come to feel a kind of inexplicable fear towards darkness, because it could hide many unknown dangers which might be quietly growing under the cover of such blind darkness.

    Only Qing Yu’s eyes possessed an exceptional kind of sight, able to see in the dark. But all the others could not do that, and being shrouded in darkness for such long hours would cause their mind to grow weak and fill up with unease.

    Her eyes narrowed and she suddenly made a signal with her hand. A brilliant ball of golden red streaked fire then appeared at her fingertips, illuminating the area around them against the darkness.

    Qing Bei did not show too big of a reaction but Yan Xi Rou jumped with shock where she then asked in surprise: “What is this skill?” She had heard that Qing Yu had been ascertained to be a fire element wielder in the test they underwent before and she was actually able to summon fire out of thin air like this?

    Qing Yu ignored her and just said ominously. “There are some tree twigs on the ground beside you, go pick some and we can build a fire.”

    Yan Xi Rou’s eyes widened as she glared and she raised a finger up to point at her nose in disbelief. “You want me to go pick tree twigs? Yan Qing Yu, are you sure you are asking the right person! ? I am the Eternal Peace Duke Manor’s Third Young Miss and your elder sister! And you actually dare to order me to go carry out such a lowly and menial task? !”

    “…..” [It was just gathering some twigs, and it has become a lowly menial task?]

    [It was be said that this girl’s princess syndrome is rather serious.]

    Looking at her face that looked like she had suffered some grave and unpardonable insult, Qing Bei then glanced scathingly at her and said: “Just go when you’re told to. In here, there are no Young Misses or Princesses, but only people who are alive or dead. Whether you would become a dead person would depend entirely on how you perform.”

    [If that girl does not rely on his elder sister, you won’t even have to mention spirit beast cores. It would be a challenge for her just to remain alive in here. And here she was prissily putting on airs. How utterly foolish.]

    Having been snubbed, Yan Xi Rou’s face immediately turned even more ugly. Yan Xi Wu beside her tugged at her sleeve lightly and signalled for her to be more cooperative. It was only then that Yan Xi Rou gave up and crouched down to pick up twigs with a highly aggrieved face.