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Chapter 93.2 - Did This Fella Just Far

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 93.2: Did This Fella Just Fart

    Qing Yu could not help but smile as she watched that scene and waited a good while for Yan Xi Rou to gather the twigs. She then lit a fire with those twigs which brightened up the area around them.

    Yan Xi Rou threw an indignant glare towards her and then shuffled over closer to the fire. She was just about to sit down and rest when her bottom sat upon something soft. Her entire body stiffened up and she only jumped up half a beat later to let out a sharp and shrill scream.

    “Eeek~~~ What’s that!”

    The few of them turned their eyes to stare and saw a brown little snake that was about as thick as a thumb, coiled up lazily in sleep.

    It was rudely awakened by Yan Xi Rou when she sat on it, its eyes not yet fully open before it was shocked awake by a shrill scream. The little snake then showed high human contempt in its eyes and expression before it flicked its tail and stuck out its forked tongue in a loud hiss as it turned to slither away.

    [All these lame humans. Why do I bump into them everywhere? Can’t even get myself some peaceful sleep.]

    Qing Yu had watched all that happen and her phoenix like eyes lit up with amusement. [That little snake seems to have gained intelligence and the look it showed in its eyes just now was so funny!]

    Yan Xi Rou’s face was an ugly shade as she looked at the little snake slithering away. It was quite a while before she then said rather awkwardly: “So….. So it was a snake…..”

    “What did you think it was?” Qing Yu asked as she swept her emotionless gaze over Yan Xi Rou. “Don’t make such a big deal out of little things like this. Screaming so loudly, are you trying to draw all the spirit beasts to us?”

    “I’m sorry, it wasn’t on purpose.” Yan Xi Rou had also realized that her reaction just now had been very loud. If that had really attracted all the beasts here, not to mention completing the mission, she might very well just lose her life here.

    The group then sat down around the fire, the firelight lighting up the young lady’s face with those exquisite features, making it look like there was a ball of fire burning within her alluring phoenix like eyes.

    “What should we do now?” Yan Xi Wu who had remained silent all this time suddenly asked. “It’s all pitch dark in here and nothing can be seen. We do not know where all those spirit beasts are hiding and if they suddenly run out to attack us…..”

    In Hades’ Canyon, only during the four hours of daylight was it comparatively safer as most of the spirit beasts would be resting. But when night came, they would all start to get restless.

    “Don’t worry, regular spirit beasts would not dare to come close.” Qing Yu said with a smile.

    This fire that she lit was not meant to illuminate the area. Most spirit beasts were fearful of fire and moreover, she had not used just any regular kind of fire. If one got caught even the slightest by the flames, it would be inextinguishable. Unless it was a spirit beast who had not yet gained intelligence, otherwise all lower leveled spirit beasts would not come rushing to their own deaths to come attack them.

    “We’ve walked for so long. Take this chance to get some rest first!” Qing Yu opened her mouth to say.

    At that moment, an untimely low growl suddenly sounded, and the few of them froze in place for a moment. It was…..

    Yan Xi Rou. With her head lowered, she then said in a voice as small as a mosquito’s: “Erm….. I’m hungry…..”


    In order to train them in their survival skills, Qin Fang had been incredibly strict. He had only allowed them to bring two bottles of water and prohibited them from bringing any food at all. They were to deal with it themselves when they got hungry and he had even inspected all of them to ensure it.

    Yan Xi Rou was one of the plumper ones among them and her energy level depleted faster as well. She had woken up so early this morning and besides having drunk some water, she had not had anything to eat at all, causing her to almost collapse from hunger. Moreover she had just gotten such a great shock from the little snake which had further drained her out quite a bit, which just made her even more hungry now.