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Chapter 93.3 - Did This Fella Just Far

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 93.3: Did This Fella Just Fart

    Qing Yu was already able to fast for one month straight and she would be fine even if she had no food or drink in that period but just some elixirs to replenish her spirit energy. The others in the group would not be able to withstand that however and asking them to go hungry like that would not be a solution.

    Thinking about that, she then got up to her feet. “In that case, I’ll go take a look nearby to see whether there is anything edible. All of you stay here and wait. Don’t go running off on your own.”

    “Sis, I’ll go with you. It’s too dangerous to go alone.” Qing Bei climbed to his feet as well when he heard that.

    Qing Yu however shook her head. “I’ll be fine, You just stay here as it would be even more dangerous to leave just the two of them here. I’ll be back very quickly.” Upon saying that, she then turned around and quickly disappeared from sight.

    Qing Bei did not even have the chance to say anything as he watched her disappear in the distance.

    The youth’s handsome countenance creased up, albeit so faintly it was almost unnoticeable. He did not know whether he was mistaken but from the moment they came into Hades’ Canyon, he seem to feel that there was a pair of eyes constantly watching them, which made him feel highly uneasy, and that was why he was so worried about Qing Yu.

    His good looking pair of eyes then turned to glance icily at the downcast Yan Xi Rou. [This girl is just so troublesome!]

    On the other side, Qing Yu cast her gaze slowly over the area in front, her eyes appraising the surroundings. [This Hades’ Canyon is really rather special. It is called a canyon but she had not seen that many rocks but just a sparse and empty place. Wonder where all those spirit beasts usually roam in here.]

    She was immersed in her thoughts when a cold wind suddenly blew past her ear and a tiny figure flashed past her right before her eyes, so quickly that she had not been able to clearly see what it was.

    [What was that? A spirit beast?]

    [Quick Mistress, pursue it quick! Don’t let that escape.” At that moment, Zang Mai’s voice suddenly rang out teasingly.

    He had just woken up and had come to encounter such an interesting incident.

    “Hm?” Qing Yu was puzzled. “Why?”

    “That fella just stole something from you.”

    Qing Yu’s face was surprised a moment as her hand subconsciously reached to feel her hip, only to find the medicine bag with the mosquito repellent she had made all empty, and that all the elixirs in there were gone.

    The corner of her mouth twitched. [That was meant to keep away the bugs you know? Although the smell is rather enticing, but mistakenly ingesting it will rumble the stomach. Which unfortunate little spirit beast could be so blind…..]

    Choosing to ignore that little interlude, her eyes darted around in search and finally saw quite a number of red fruits hanging high up in a tall spire shaped tree. They were rather large in size, and they looked quite similar to apples.

    But at that height…..

    Qing Yu was still contemplating whether she should climb up that tree to pick the fruits when another cold gust of wind whizzed past, and that lightning quick figure almost crashed right into her, but she managed to dodge nimbly to the side.

    In the end, that poor little figure crashed good and proper right into the tree just behind her with a heavy thud, the sound so loud it even caused her to cringe.

    She saw that it was a tiny animal that was completely white, highly fleshly and cuddly with sharp pointed ears, its tail round like a ball, looking both like a cat and a rabbit at the same time.

    It was probably dazed from the knock, as the little fella’s four limbs remained splayed out upon the tree, not moving at all for a good while.

    [? ?]

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow and hesitated a moment before she walked over to it. In the end, before she had even gotten close, she heard a sound going ‘poooot’, completely out of place in this quiet and silent night here, which was accompanied by a most unbelievably incapacitating odour.

    Qing Yu was completely shocked. “…..! ! ?”

    Had she been mistaken with what she just heard? Did that fella just….. Did it just fart? And….. Qing Yu wrinkled up her brows, her slender hand quickly snapping up to cover her nose.

    [The smell was truly powerfully pungent!]