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Chapter 94.1 - Meat To Ea

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 94.1: Meat To Eat

    Qing Yu’s face was one of undisguised contempt as she took several steps back.

    And at that moment, that white little ball then mournfully slid itself down from the tree, and then turned to face her, its large azure blue eyes that looked as if they had just been cleaned looking aggrievedly at her. There was no need to mention just how forlorn a look its small little face was, its tiny paws coming to carry out an action that was so hilarious to see.

    Qing Yu lifted an eyebrow up calmly and looked down at the little creature from her higher vantage point. It was looking rather indignant and it two tiny paws held its small little bottom, but despite that, the farts were still sounding out in incessant mini explosions one after another, rocking that tiny little body.


    Finally, Qing Yu could not hold herself back from laughing seeing the little creature’s antics, its tiny face looking so mournful like there was nothing worth living for in life anymore. Qing Yu then tossed a black coloured elixir over. “Nah, this is an antidote. Eat it and you’ll be fine.”

    Hearing that, the little creature then released its paws that were holding its bottom tightly, and picked up the elixir and popped it into its mouth straight down its throat.

    After while, the urge to fart continuously then disappeared.

    “Next time see if you’ll still dare to nick people’s things to eat. This is a good example of suffering the consequences of your own actions.” Qing Yu said with a smile, not caring whether it understood her. She then tapped the tip of her toes on the ground lightly and leapt up into the tree to pick some of those fruits.

    She took a whiff. [Most sweet and fresh smelling fruits are usually edible.]

    [But it was clear to see that those fruits would not be able to fill one stomach so should she hunt for a spirit beast or two for them to roast and eat?] Her gaze then swung over to the tiny spirit beast looking at her with its large eyes.

    [Forget it. That tiny little one would not even be enough for one person.]

    [But….. It looks rather beautiful though. With its big round intelligent blue eyes, it’s really exceptionally adorable, and this is my first time seeing such a creature, a rabbit that does not look like a rabbit, a fox that does not look like a fox.]

    She then took a couple of steps, about to go see if there were any signs of spirit beasts around, and she came to sense some movement behind her. She turned around and saw that little thing following right in her footsteps. Seeing that she had stopped, it also halted its step, and just looked at her innocently with its large clear eyes.

    Qing Yu laughed softly and asked: “Why are you following me? Are you hungry?”

    As she spoke, she gave a couple of the fruits she had just picked to it. The little creature stretched out its tiny paws and hugged the fruits within its short paws, and took a crunchy bite before its mouth began to chew vigorously.

    But in the instant that Qing Yu lifted a foot to leave, it grabbed up the fruits in its stubby paws again and went following with a pitter patter of its legs.

    Qing Yu did not know what to make of it. “…..” [What does it really want?]

    “Just eat those fruits you have. Don’t follow me. I did not come here to play. Go back to where you came from and be careful that you do not get preyed upon by others. You’re so small that you aren’t even enough to fill the gaps between their teeth. Understand?” Qing Yu said as her eyebrow arched up, pausing in between each word as she preached.

    The little creature seemed to be highly intelligent and it looked like it could understand what she was saying. So immediately after Qing Yu said those words, she just turned herself around and strode away.

    “Mistress, I can’t help but feel that there is something unusual about that little fella.” Zang Mai’s doubtful voice suddenly sounded.

    It felt like he had suddenly come to remember something but he just could not put in into words.

    “What is unusual about it?” Qing Yu asked casually.

    From what she could see, it was just a spirit beast that was more attractive looking than others, and a little more intelligent.

    Zang Mai was deep in thought for a moment before he then said slowly: “I seem to have felt….. An aura that I am rather familiar with.”

    “Hmm?” Qing Yu did not fully understand that and she was just about to ask for clarification when a gentle and youthful voice that was tinged with a certain sadness rang out behind her. And under that soundless and silent night, it sent a chill running through Qing Yu, causing her back to break out in cold sweat.

    [Was she….. hearing things in here?]