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Chapter 94.2 - Meat To Eat?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 94.2: Meat To Eat?

    “Little Burrow, did you just hear a child’s voice or not?” Qing Yu asked softly. Luckily, she had Little Burrow accompanying her, otherwise hearing such a voice on such a dark night light this would really be too frightening.

    Yet, Zang Mai answered in an equally cautious voice. “I thought I heard a child’s voice calling out…..”

    “Mother….. You don’t want me anymore….. Boo hoo hoo…..”

    This time, the voice sounded highly mournful which then burst straight into tears, filled with endless sorrow, highly heart wrenching to hear.

    Qing Yu’s entire body stiffened up.

    “Mistress….. Why not….. you turn around to take a look?” Zang Mai inquired in a soft voice.

    “Don’t you know that I am terrified of baby spirits the most….. Do you want to scare your Mistress to death…..” Qing Yu said, her face drained of all colour.

    The only weakness she had her entire life, the thing she feared the most, were dark aggrieved spirits of babies. When such a perfectly fresh life was shrouded over by dark death, turning them into aggrieved spirits filled with terrifying rage, just how painful and stifling would it make one feel.

    “How do you know that it’s a baby spirit? Can’t it just be a lost child?” Zang Mai retorted.

    Qing Yu rolled her eyes. “Would a child from any normal family come running out to such a dangerous place to play? Are you stupid or do you think I’m dumb?”

    After saying that, she took a deep breath. [Don’t turn around, don’t look, don’t listen]

    “Mother….. Don’t abandon Meatball…..”

    Something soft and fleshy suddenly grabbed onto her ankle, holding back her footsteps.

    Qing Yu’s body shook and she lowered her head to look, only to discover that the round and pudgy little beast was clinging on to her leg for dear life, its tiny body even trembling intermittently, like it was sobbing spasmodically.

    Seeing that there was no reaction from her after a while, it then lifted its head, its beautiful large eyes brimming over with tears as they flowed down incessantly. The adorable little face was weeping so hard that it seemed it might collapse at any moment, it slightly open mouth revealing tiny sharp teeth as it whimpered pitifully to say: “Mother….. Meatball will not be greedy anymore….. Don’t abandon Meatball…..”

    Qing Yu stood frozen in her spot, her face blank, unable to recover from the shock.

    Qing Yu then spoke inwardly: “Little Burrow, are you seeing this….. The little thing can actually talk…..”

    “I see it…..” Zang Mai replied, the expression on his face wooden. [It being able to speak is not the critical point here. The most important thing is…..]

    “Mistress, it called you Mother….. Who did you….. have this little thing with?”

    “Have your big fat head!” Qing Yu gnawed out those few words with her teeth tightly clenched together.

    It was probably because she had suffered such a great shock earlier and was now completely befuddled by this scene before her, Qing Yu’s rage rose up within her and she finally shouted out those words in a roar.

    The little fella by her foot who was still wrecked by its heaving sobs was startled a moment before it pouted, looking highly hurt. “Meatball is not fat…..”

    Although it was rotund, but it wasn’t exactly fat.

    Having heard it say meatball so many times, Qing Yu cast her gaze onto it before she grabbed on the little fella’s neck and picked it up off the ground, bringing it right in front of her face to look at it straight in the eyes. “What in the devil is this meatball you keep mentioning?”

    “Meatball is not a devil. Meatball is me…..” The little beast’s blue eyes blinked pitifully in innocence.

    “You are called Meatball?” Qing Yu was taken aback for a moment, before she burst into laughter, almost unable to breathe. “Pfft ha ha ha….. Who is so ingenious to give you such a name….. Can it be any tackier…..”

    But after Qing Yu picked up the creature, she then came to discover that though the little thing looked so round on the surface, it was in fact because of its fluffy fur that made it look like a ball of snow, and to realize that it did not even weigh two taels, extremely light.