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Chapter 94.3 - Meat To Eat?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 94.3: Meat To Eat?

    The little beast was very clever and it realized that Qing Yu was making fun of it, so it pawed the air in front of it a couple of times and then said in a tiny voice: “Because Meatball likes to eat meat and wants to eat it everyday. That is why Mother gave Meatball the name Meatball. Has Mother forgotten all about it…..”

    “Me?” Qing Yu was bewildered as she pointed her finger at her own nose. “Little one, you’ve mistaken me for someone else! I do not know you at all!”

    As she said that, she released her grip as she put the little creature down on the ground. She then said to it with a stern face: “I’m warning you. Do not follow me anymore. I am not your mother, and if continue to pester me, do you believe that I will throw you right into the nests of the other spirit beasts, where you will be gobbled right up?”

    “Don’t believe.” The little beast shook its head to say and stuck its tongue out impishly. “Mother has tried to scare Meatball like this before, but it always ends up having all of them run away when they see Meatball.”

    “Oh?” Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow, thinking it rather funny. “A small little thing like you still dares to brag so much?”

    “Meatball isn’t bragging.” Meatball said with a pout, looking like it wanted to defend itself. But seeing that cold and impatient look on Mother, it did not dare to continue to prattle on too much and just clamped its mouth shut.

    Qing Yu could not be bothered to continue arguing with the little creature. [She had come out for quite a while and if she doesn’t go back soon, Little Bei might get worried.]

    “Mother! Wait for Meatball…..”

    The figure in front suddenly halted, and the little beast almost crashed right into her.

    “I told you not to follow me.” A twitch throbbed at Qing Yu’s temple, like she was silently holding back the rage that was threatening to explode. “If you continue to follow, I might just roast you and eat you up.”

    [She had not been able to find much to eat!]

    A chill ran through Meatball’s rotund body and it then said softly. “Mother, Meatball can help you find food….. Can you bring Meatball with you…..”

    With such a gentle and obedient sounding voice, its azure blue eyes staring unblinking at her, filled with cautious anticipation and unrestrained adoration.

    It looked so pure and innocent, like one would be able to see through what it was thinking with just a single glance.

    Qing Yu’s heart unconsciously softened. “I really am not your mother…..”

    “You are. Meatball remembers Mother’s scent. The elixirs Mother cultivates are the yummiest…..”

    Oh Heavens! It was such an adorable little thing. She suddenly became worried that if it encountered people with ill intentions, would it be deceived and end up roasted and eaten?

    Qing Yu sighed and seemingly helplessly, she reached out her hands and said: “Come, I’ll carry you.”

    Meatball’s tiny body quivered with joy and its beautiful large eyes became wet, looking like tears were going to fall the very next moment. Qing Yu creased up her brows and said in a low tone: “If you cry, I will dump you here…..”

    At almost the same moment her voice fell, the little fella scuttled like a gust of wind into her arms, its soft and warm tiny body plopped obediently within, not moving an inch. Its tiny paws clutched her clothes tightly, seemingly afraid that it would be abandoned.

    The corners of Qing Yu’s lips lifted slightly as she raised a hand to ruffle the little beast’s head hard, moving back in the direction she had come. In her arms, Meatball’s large eyes closed from the comforting touch, an expression of absolute bliss on its face. “Mother, Meatball finally found you…..”

    The night breeze rushed past, which blew away its soft and faint whisper.

    On the other side, Qing Bei was keeping track of the time in his heart and when he still did not see Qing Yu come back, he could not help but grew anxious. He stood up thinking to go look for her and when Yan Xi Rou who was rather timid saw that he looked like he was going to leave, she immediately asked: “Where are you going?”

    Qing Bei was already getting rather impatient with her and really could not be bothered with her but at that moment, Yan Xi Rou’s eyes suddenly grew wide with terror. “What….. What is that?”