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Chapter 95.1 - Roast Suckling Pig

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 95.1: Roast Suckling Pig

    Under the indistinct shadows of the row of trees not too far from them, something seemed to be shifting it way lightly towards them and had carelessly bumped into a tree trunk, causing a scatter of leaves to fall from it.

    The expression on Qing Bei’s face changed slightly. Could it be a spirit beast that had been drawn to them by the firelight?

    After a while, that body of that thing in the shadows then slowly stuck its body out, revealing itself.

    It was a Great Spiked Hog whose body was as thick as three grown men, with sharp spiky quills running the entire length of his body, where even its sharp snout was densely covered with short tiny spikes. It looked highly powerful and if it ran into a person with those spikes, that person would have more holes than a honeycomb.

    At that moment, the Great Spiked Hog was staring at them with its pair of huge wide eyes, its open mouth dripping with drool as it panted heavily with its coarse breath, looking very hungry and had just sighted highly delicious prey.

    Qing Bei clenched up his fists unconsciously as he watched its movements closely.

    Finally, after a staring them down, the Great Spiked Hog’s massive body which had looked somewhat clumsy suddenly charged speedily towards the foremost youth in front, the two long sharp spikes at the top of its head glinting coldly in the night, seemingly seeking to bore right through the human before it.

    Qing Bei’s gaze darkened and he hurriedly dodged to the side, causing the Great Spiked Hog to miss completely and crash into a tree right behind. Two deep holes appeared in the thick tree trunk before it then collapsed and fell.

    Seeing that its attack had failed and that the human had actually been able to evade its attack, the Great Spike Hog became frustrated and it let out a couple of grunts through its mouth before its eyes grew more vicious. But the tall and elegant youth standing before it looked calm and unruffled, not showing the slightest tinge of fear or terror in his demeanor.

    The Great Spiked Hog had attained intelligence and was capable of a human’s most rudimentary level of thought. It was a fifth level spirit beast and it was almost at the same level as an average expert pugilist among humans.

    But the difference was that beasts species possessed higher attack and defence powers than humans so if they were to pit themselves against humans at the same level, they would be able to slaughter the opponent despite the similar cultivation levels.

    But with this youth before its eyes….. It could not comprehend the extent of his cultivation, but it was instead feeling a slightly intimidated from the aura exuding from the youth’s body.

    After contemplation, the Great Spiked Hog then decided to change its target onto the two weak and frail girls beside the fire. When the two girls saw the massive spirit beast that looked so fierce and malicious, their faces immediately grew pale and they clutched each other tightly. But the spirit beast just paced around about ten meters away from them, and did not come any closer.

    Of course they were not aware that the fire Qing Yu had left behind had not only illuminated the area, but was also able to ward off a spirit beast’s attack. The Great Spiked Hog was not dumb. Even though it did not know why the colour of the fire was different from regular fire, but its innate animal instinct warned it of the danger, and that it must not go close.

    Finding no way to get to its prey, the Great Spiked Hog that had gone hungry for days and had finally been able to sneak out in search for food was suddenly feeling greatly infuriated. It took two steps forward and then charged towards the two girls in rage with a roar.

    With that roar, the two sisters suddenly found themselves in a highly dangerous predicament.

    The two of them had been scared frozen stiff at the sight of such an enormous and terrifying spirit beast and upon hearing that rage filled roar, a chill immediately shot through their bodies that enabled them to run a distance away from the fire.

    And it was that action that gave the Great Spiked Hog an opening to strike. The nimble body shot forward speedily in that instant, its large mouth that was exuding a stench wide open, attacking with a vicious bite.

    “Eeeeek! Heeelp!!!”