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Chapter 95.2 - Roasted Suckling Pig

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 95.2: Roasted Suckling Pig

    The sharp and terrified shrill shrieks of the girls rang out under the quiet night, startling the flocks of birds hidden within the trees to flap their wings and take flight, which attracted the attention of many restless spirit beasts.

    Seeing that scene, the eyes of the gently handsome youth flashed with a glint but he did not make any moves and merely stood watching with a cold gaze, seeming like he had no intention of moving to help.

    In actual fact, he had detested those two girls for a very long time.

    Whenever he and Qing Yu were bullied and berated by Mo Han Yan, those two girls would never fail to come trample upon them further, adding salt to the wound gleefully, finding delight from their misery.

    He had told himself back then, that the day would come he would make all of them pay the price.

    On that side, Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were so terrorstruck all colour had drained from their faces. Yan Xi Wu was doing a little better as she was able to at least close her eyes from the horror, but Yan Xi Rou had lost her mind from fright, screaming incessantly: “Don’t….. Don’t come any closer! Qing Bei! Save me, Qing Bei! Eeeek! Don’t come any closeeeer~”

    Qing Bei lowered his good looking pair of eyes, and slowly turned his body around.

    [To have people die an unexpected death while out on training in Hades’ Canyon isn’t really something that was totally unheard of.]

    [In the worst case scenario, they still had the jade token that Qin Fang had given to them, which would enable them to leave this place in one piece once they crush it. But….. if they are adamant on not leaving and an accident occurs, that will still be rather understandable.]

    [But for him to go save them? Ha! He really isn’t that magnanimous.]

    The Great Spiked Hog’s great speed had already brought it over the ten pace distance to come right in front of them. At that moment, Yan Xi Rou fainted away from fright while Yan Xi Wu had her eyes closed, resigned to fate as she awaited the arrival of death.

    Just as Qing Bei was about to leave the place to go look for Qing Yu, the Great Spiked Hog behind him suddenly howled loudly in pain.

    Qing Bei was surprised a moment before he turned around to look, and he saw Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu who were to have been gobbled up by the Great Spiked Hog suddenly had their bodies ablaze with flames. The incredibly heat from the blazing flames could be felt even through the Great Spiked Hog’s impenetrable skin that was hard as steel.

    It seared through every single part of its body, a stinging pain that was more agonizing than death, and the only thing it could do was roll itself maniacally on the ground as it howled. But no matter what it did, the flames did not diminish in the slightest but grew in intensity instead, engulfing the Great Spike Hog in a massive ball of flames, an absolutely astounding sight.

    Qing Bei squinted his eyes and subconsciously peered into further into the distance. A figure in white was slowly walking towards them, the bright light from the fire reflecting off that countenance of peerless beauty, that looked as mesmerizing as an alluring seductress.

    “Hmmm. I was just thinking about it and here it is delivered straight to me. I was thinking where I should go look for food and here I have a roasted suckling pig fall right into my lap.” Qing Yu said in a comforted tone. She then lifted an eyebrow when she saw the youth’s dark expression and she asked with a smile: “What’s wrong?”

    Qing Bei did not say anything but just let his gaze fall upon the completely roasted Great Spiked Hog that had fallen silent before he glanced at the sisters who had fainted and were unconscious at the side. “I had thought….. that they would become the spirit beast’s dinner today.”

    Qing Yu understood what was going through the youth’s mind and she reached a hand out to pat the youth on his shoulder reassuringly. “What’s past is past, and although they were indeed just so detestable before, but they had not done anything really so heinous that went against the Heavens. You can seek repayment for all the misdeeds they had done in the past, but with two lives at stake here, it is no joking matter.”

    Having spoken up to this point, Qing Yu then paused a moment before she continued: “If they were to have died, you will not come to feel good about it at all, and might even be overcome with guilt. Don’t I know you well enough yet?”