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Chapter 95.3 - Roast Suckling Pig

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 95.3: Roast Suckling Pig

    This foolish little brother of hers, usually looked rather distant and aloof as a person but was actually a incredibly kind and gentle soul at heart. Not to mention that the two sisters had lived under the same roof as him for so many years, even if it was just a stranger, wanting him to just watch and not lift a finger to save someone would be a very hard thing for him to do.

    He would still not be able to answer to his conscience.

    Qing Bei’s tightly clenched fingers then finally relaxed slowly. “I get it now.”

    Qing Yu’s powerful and mysterious elixir fire had properly cooked the fifth level Great Spike Hog without much trouble and the flesh of the Great Spiked Hog had turned had become succulent after being roasted.

    She took a few steps forward and thrust her dagger into the top of the Great Spiked Hog’s head to slice it open before she retrieved the blackish purple coloured core that was steaming slightly. “Luckily core crystals are not that easily affected by heat or it would have melted into nothing from the blaze.”

    Looking at the massive sized Great Spiked Hog, it could be seen that its girth had been largely due to its thick fur that covered it body and now that it had been thoroughly roasted, it had shrunk significantly.

    Qing Bei’s face held a highly indescribable expression as he watched the young lady skillfully carve off the Great Spiked Hog’s hide, and slicing its body open with her dagger. “What….. are you doing?”

    “Of course we’re gonna eat it. Aren’t you hungry?” Qing Yu replied as she rolled her eyes at him.

    “This thing….. is edible?”

    “Just don’t bother what species of pig it really is, but it is still a pig afterall. Haven’t you eaten roasted suckling pig before? You’re in for a treat today.” Qing Yu said earnestly as she threw the youth a wink.

    Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu who had fainted away from fright were just beginning to stir awake. When they saw that Qing Yu had come back, they were highly delighted but when they saw her busily cutting up some enormous sized creature, they then asked in puzzlement. “This is…..”

    “You’re awake?” Qing Yu said with a smile. “Apologies. I took a little longer out there but came across something for us to eat. So hurry up and fill your stomach, and we can continue on our way when we’re done.”

    As she spoke, Qing Yu stuck her dagger into a piece of meat that was smeared over with spices and handed it over to Yan Xi Rou.

    Yan Xi Rou was absolutely famished and the great shock she had suffered had drained her completely. She took the meat and immediately gobbled on it greedily. “Mmm….. Tastes so good. What kind of a meat is it? It’s so fragrant.”

    Qing Bei watched her gorge herself and he immediately felt his stomach turn.

    If she knew that it was the meat of the spirit beast that had very nearly eaten her up, it was wondered whether she would still be enjoying it so much.

    “This? Roasted suckling pig. It’s good right?” Qing Yu said with a laugh. “That’s right, I also have some fruits here.”

    All of Yan Xi Rou’s attention had been fully drawn onto the delicious roast so how could she possibly bother herself with those fruits? She did not even give them a glance. But Yan Xi Wu who always had a lighter palate did not really like such greasy meat and so she took a couple of the fruits and started taking small bites out of them.

    On the other side, Qing Bei was also eating the fruits and when his eyes spotted the geasy faced Yan Xi Rou, for some unknown reason, a wicked sense of humour suddenly rose up inside him.

    “Eat slowly. No one is fighting with you for it. That is meat from a fifth level spirit beast, and I think eating it will definitely be very good for you.” Qing Bei said emotionlessly.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu found it rather funny but did not give the game away.

    “What kind of a fifth level spirit beast?” Yan Xi Rou asked as she chewed vigorously.

    “It’s the very same beast that just attacked us which very nearly tore you into shreds, meat from the Great Spiked Hog. It’s such a pitiful end for it to be eaten up by you.” The youth shook his head as he spoke, looking highly regretful.

    Yan Xi Rou’s chewing motion suddenly froze in place before her eyes stared woodenly at the chunk of half eaten meat in her hand. In the next second, her eyes unconsciously caught sight of something glinting under the light at the side and she saw that it was the spiky hide of the Great Spiked Hog.