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Chapter 96.1 - The Entrance that Disappeared

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 96.1: The Entrance that Disappeared

    Because of what Qing Bei said, Yan Xi Rou found everything she ate tasteless for the next several days.

    Towards that, Qing Yu was also rather helpless and could not do anything else but to stuff the remaining Great Spiked Hog meat into the dimensional space she carried with her.

    At that moment, the tiny little beast was also inside snoring roaringly and upon smelling the meat’s fragrance, it shivered and came awake, its eyes shining brightly. After getting Qing Yu’s permission, the little beast then physically proved one thing to her.

    To never be deceived by a person’s outer appearance, and the exact same thing applied to beasts as well.

    Qing Yu stared with eyes wide and mouth agape when she saw the little thing completely inhale a spirit beast that was several hundred times bigger than itself. Its stomach did not show the slightest sign of bloating at all and it looked like it could really still eat.

    Qing Yu did not know what to say. “…..” [That‘s a bottomless pit there.]

    She was suddenly feeling regret. [Is she supposed to hunt a spirit beast everyday from now on for the little fella? Fortunately they were only going to be staying in here for ten days. If it was for months, she was afraid that there might not be enough spirit beasts in the Hades’ Canyon to feed the little beast…..

    No wonder it’s called Meatball. It’s a total carnivore! And its Mistress didn’t know it well at all.

    On the other side, at the fringe of Hades’ Canyon, quite a number of people had gathered there and were currently discussing about something in low voices.

    It was not known what a burly and towering man among them heard when he fell to the ground with a sorrowful expression. “Heavens! How could something like this happen? I have just this one child. If I had known, I would not have allowed him to wilfully go with the others for rigorous training.”

    “My younger brother is still in there! Are we really unable to get in?”

    “You can see that we are not even able to find the entrance, how are we going to get inside…..”

    All these people lived in places not too far away from the Hades’ Canyon and someone heard a great commotion from inside during the night and he had all come running to check the situation out. In the end, his soul was almost frightened right out of his body when he saw the scene and he quickly went running back to gather more people.

    The Hades’ Canyon’s entrance was a tall and large hole formed from the trees and the entire place was filled with many gigantic ancient trees, twisted in many strange and unusual shapes. The entrance was almost shrouded in a persistent and impenetrable fog that would only dissipate at the Mao hour, which would gather again when the sky turned bright, a highly amazing phenomenon.

    And the sky had already brightened at that moment with the sun about to rise, but the always present fog was nowhere in sight and the hole in the trees that was the entrance was gone. There wasn’t even any sign of the gigantic trees and in their place, it was just flat and even ground, completely smooth.

    It was as if they had disappeared into thin air, without any warning.

    “What are we supposed to do now? Who can save my son~~” The burly man buried his face in his hands and cried without restraint, the pain in his cries causing the hearts of everyone around to wince.

    The man was really rather pitiful. His wife had died from complications during labour and he played both a father and a mother to his son while bringing him up to such a age. Fortunately his son had displayed significant talents and stood a good chance of being accepted into the Three Great Sects, but now, he was to come receive such horrendous news.

    No one knew how to comfort him but no matter what they said, his son would not come back.

    Right at that moment, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded and everyone turned to look. Could it be another group of youngsters coming here to the Hades’ Canyon for training?

    They saw two tall male figures walking towards them from afar, one wearing red with devilishly handsome looks, his upslanted and expressive peach blossom like eyes dazzling to see, so beautiful he did not look mortal.

    The other man looked highly mysterious dressed in a lavish and noble purple robe, the exquisite features of his countenance so elegant he looked like he had fully received the favour of the Creator himself. His pair of violet eyes were like the most pure and precious purple gems, the slightest ripple from them able to capture a person’s very soul in an instant. His lips were curled up into a faint smiling arc but the compelling aura around his body made people not dare to go close.