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Chapter 96.2 - The Entrance that Disappeared

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 96.2: The Entrance that Disappeared

    For two such young and outstanding looking men to be coming to Hades’ Canyon at this time, the people there could roughly guess their intentions.

    Although the men looked like people not to be trifled with, one of them still came to say very cautiously: “Young men, are you intending to go into Hades’ Canyon? No matter what you came for, it’s better that you leave quickly!”

    Those two men who just arrived, were Lou Jun Yao and Bai Zhi Yan.

    When he heard that Bai Zhi Yan had hidden the level eleven Lightning Blaze Unicorn inside Hades’ Canyon and that Qing Yu was undergoing rigorous training in there, Lou Jun Yao immediately became highly restless.

    What a joke! A level eleven spirit beast. No, it could be termed to be a Divine Beast already.

    Not only would it possess exceptional intelligence, it would also be able to instantaneously kill a top skilled expert from the mid level realm. The Lightning Blaze Unicorn is capable of wielding both the lightning and fire elements and as its powerful bloodline runs within its body, it will be able to transform into human form when it advances to the twelve level, unlike regular spirit beasts who would need to wait till they reach level fifteen.

    If Qing Yu and her group were to encounter it, that would purely be sending themselves to their deaths.

    When he heard those words of advice being said to them, Bai Zhi Yan immediately raised an eyebrow and enquired: “Why?”

    Because quite a number of people were gathered at that place and they were blocking the view, Bai Zhi Yan could not see anything in front. Hence, he was naturally unaware of the situation. When the people saw that his demeanor looked rather insistent, they all then shook their heads with a sigh and parted to make way for him.

    Bai Zhi Yan was immediately stunned, his beautiful peach blossom like eyes staring in shock. “What….. What is going on here?”

    [Where’s the hole?]

    [How did it turn into this flat and bare land? ?]

    It was Lou Jun Yao’s first time here and he was naturally unaware of the reason Bai Zhi Yan was so shocked. He then went on to ask indifferently: “What?”

    “The hole into Hades’ Canyon….. has disappeared.” A corner of Bai Zhi Yan’s lips twitched. [Not only has it disappeared, the entire place has turned into flat and bare land, and there wasn’t a single sign of the place left behind.]

    “What do you mean the hold disappeared?” Lou Jun Yao cast his glance upon him, “Would it grow legs and go running off?”

    “I would really like to know as well.” Bai Zhi Yan said feeling helpless. He then turned to the people gathered there. “When did the entry hole become like this?”

    “Just last night. I heard the commotion coming from here as I live the closest and by the time I came running, the hole was already gone.” A short statured man said.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes narrowed and an idea of what might have happened popped into his head, but he quickly brushed it off. [That cannot be possible right…..]

    “What are you thinking?” Beside him, Lou Jun Yao could not help but ask when he saw Bai Zhi Yan shaking his head in disbelief.

    “Jun Yao, I don’t know if you have heard of this before. When a Divine Beast undergoes a change in form, it is a transformation that is equivalent to being completely reborn, and their powers would increase exponentially, which could directly cause its surroundings to change as well.” Bai Zhi Yan explained worriedly, and the emotion in his eyes looked rather complicated. “But….. that fella just advanced to the eleventh level barely two months ago, so how could it possibly advance in level again so quickly….. That would really be quite scary.”

    It must be known that it was a lot more difficult for spirit beasts to advance a level, where they might even not be able to advance once in several years. But if this had really been brought upon by that fella advancing into the next level which caused Hades’ Canyon to change as well….. That would really be some rather maniacal progression there!