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Chapter 96.3 - The Entrance that Disappeared

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 96.3: The Entrance that Disappeared

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed sharply. “You are saying….. That thing advanced another level?”

    “Highly possible.” Bai Zhi Yan nodded like he was in pain.

    “Whether that is true or not, we’ll know once we go take a look.” Lou Jun Yao snorted lightly in derision, and his slender fingers immediately pulled at the air in front of him, to tear a dimensional hole right in front of him, that formed into a black vortex.

    Bai Zhi Yan subconsciously gulped. [You dare to do something so strange and unusual right in front of so many people, aren’t you afraid that you’ll be seen?]

    Seeing that Lou Jun Yao’s body had already disappeared into the black hole, Bai Zhi Yan quickly gathered back his thoughts and followed him inside. The next second, the vortex in the black hole then immediately shrank, gradually closing up completely.

    Everyone there was speechless. “…..”

    [What just happened?]

    [Where did those two demons come from?]

    On the other side, Qing Yu and her group continued to make their way forward in Hades’ Canyon.

    This was indeed one of the most dangerous and mysterious places around. When they had been making their way forward earlier, they saw that they were in a dark forest, and there were gigantic trees with thick and prickly branches everywhere. But after walking for a period of time, all the trees had suddenly disappeared, to be replaced by boundless and barren plains.

    The soil under their feet was not moist and soft like before, but had become exceptionally hard, like it had not been nourished by rain for a very long time, so dry that the ground was filled with a dense maze of crack lines. The cracks were so wide that a careless step might have them get their feet stuck in them.

    It was not known how long they had walked when they saw that the dark sky was slowly turning bright, allowing them to see that the barren plains were littered with many boulders. At a glance, it seemed like only towering boulders stood upon the plains and there were no other living things around.

    Yan Xi Rou suddenly stumbled and twisted her foot slightly, immediately letting out a cry in pain. “Sheesh! What kind of a damned place is this!”

    The few of them paused in their steps to look at her. Seeing her seated on the ground and about to remove her shoe and sock to check on her injury, Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and said in a rather chill voice: “Better not look at it and just continue walking. If something comes burrowing out from underground suddenly, it would be too late even if you run.”

    The moment Yan Xi Rou heard that something might just burrow itself out from underground, she quickly got to her feet kept staring into the crack with trepidation.

    Qing Yu laughed softly and then turned around to continue to lead the way forward, her gaze surveying the surroundings on all sides. Looking at it, something did not feel right about the place. She did not even see a single blade of grass but just so many large rocks blocking their way.

    She was deep in thought when her body suddenly paused and she suddenly halted her footsteps.

    “Sis, what’s wrong?” Qing Bei was right behind her and seeing her stop, he asked in bewilderment.

    Qing Yu’s eyes slowly narrowed up and she turned her body to stare at a slim shaped boulder behind them, the corners of her lips rising up slightly. “Do you see that piece of boulder there?”

    Hearing that, the few of them then followed her gaze and looked, but did not understand what she was talking about. [What is wrong with that piece of rock? There are so many pieces of rocks just like that everywhere!]

    “It has followed us for quite a distance, from the moment we stepped onto these plains, it had always been around.” Qing Yu said in a soft voice.

    Hearing what she said, Yan Xi Rou then felt a chill run up her spine and she then said weakly. “No, you can’t be serious! Could you….. have been mistaken?”

    “You can trust the memory I possess.” Qing Yu said, throwing her an indifferent glance. She then made a signal with her eyes to the youth. [It was time for him to make a move.]

    Qing Bei immediately understood. His Lightning Summoning Palm had improved very rapidly over the recent period and this would be the best time for him to test its power.

    With that thought, Qing Bei’s eyes grew dark and he transformed his hand into a blade that was imbued with dark purple electrifying light. He slashed his hand viciously towards the boulder and a loud explosion burst out immediately. The boulder exploded and a shadow inside pounced straight at Qing Bei.