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Chapter 97.1 - Demonic Centipede

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 97.1: Demonic Centipede

    Qing Yu saw that long bright red creature and her eyes widened as she stared. Seeing it charging straight at the youth in attack, she quickly shouted loudly: “Dodge quickly!”

    And upon hearing those words, though Qing Bei who had been prepared to take on the creature did not understand why, but having gotten used to placing his trust in Qing Yu, he quickly dodged to the side.

    But the creature’s speed was just incredible. Its body that was tens of meters long retreated back in an instant to straighten itself out flat. A stamen like part of its body at its mouth then quivered slightly, before a thick gooey liquid sprayed out.

    Qing Bei was unable to avoid it in time and a good half of his shoulder was hit. Having suffered absolutely heart wrenching pain when he underwent treatment for his crippled legs before, he had developed quite a high tolerance for pain. But getting shot with that strange liquid, it had caused him to immediately cry out in agony, and fall to the ground.

    “Little Bei!” The expression on Qing Yu’s face sank.

    Ever since Qing Bei came to regain the use of his legs, she had not allowed him to be injured again, but he was now seriously wounded by this creature here. When that creature had leapt out from the rock, she had immediately felt that something did not feel right.

    With a full bright red body, several tens of meters in length, its mouth with something that looked like a flower stamen and its dense number of feet, it was clearly the Demonic Centipede that appeared only in deserts, a creature whose entire body was covered in lethal poison and the venomous fluid it spits out from its mouth was the most poisonous among poisons!

    But the Demonic Centipede usually resides deep underground in the deserts. How did it come to be hidden within a boulder, and had followed them for such a long distance! ?

    The fear still lingering, she would not be able to decipher the reason for that no matter how smart she was. Before her, she saw that Qing Bei was lying there on the ground with his eyes tightly shut, already fallen unconscious. She could only temporarily seal his meridians with her golden needles to stop his blood from circulating, to prevent the venom from spreading over a large area.

    She turned around to discover that the Demonic Centipede was initiating an attack upon Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu. Fortunately, although the two sisters did not possess very high levels of cultivation, they were quite adept at running away. Though they were screaming their heads off from terror, the Demonic Centipede was not able to catch them at that moment, its long body dragging its speed down by quite a bit.

    Qing Yu’s brows knitted up. She had been just beside that creature just now, but it had seemed like the creature did not see her at all but had gone to attack the other two people instead of striking at her. Why?

    A soft snigger suddenly sounded beside her. Zang Mai had suddenly appeared out of the blue, his long gold and silver eyes highly dazzling. He then winked at her and said: “Mistress, not only will that fella not attack you, but even if you stand right in front of it, you will still be safe and sound.”


    “Here. Watch!”

    Zang Mai smiled mischievously before his gold and silver figure shot at the speed of light to suddenly appear right in front of the Demonic Centipede that was relentlessly pursuing the two young ladies, standing there without moving an inch, his hands behind his back.

    Qing Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief as she stared, when she saw the Demonic Centipede actually went around the golden haired youth, before continuing to pursue the two girls.

    “How did that happen?” Qing Yu was a little stunned as she looked at the youth who had come running back. “Did you turn yourself invisible just now?”

    Under most circumstances, in order to avoid trouble, whenever Zang Mai came out to move around, Qing Yu would ask him to make himself invisible and must not appear before people. It was when he did not conceal himself, that others would then be able to see him.

    “I did not!” The youth opened his palms before him in innocence.

    “Then you released your aura to threaten it?”

    “Definitely not.” Zang Mai pouted defensively as he looked at her. “My foolish Mistress, you’re usually very smart. Why have you suddenly dumbed down today?”