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Chapter 97.2 - Demonic Centipede

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 97.2: Demonic Centipede

    “That fella doesn’t have eyes or a nose so it obviously can’t see or smell to detect an enemy. But as its body is closely stuck to the ground, it is able to accurately locate the enemy through any movement on the ground. As you had not moved earlier, it was completely unaware of your presence and when I suddenly appeared in its path earlier, it just went around me as it had thought that I was a boulder.”

    “Boulder?” After Zang Mai’s explanation, Qing Yu finally understood why it had thought the golden haired youth was a boulder!

    “The environment here is strange and queer and one cannot just use their eyes to see the place. All the rocks and boulders here had suddenly come out from underground and that was why it had thought that I was a boulder that just shot out from underground.”

    “So I see.” Qing Yu nodded, and she then ravaged the youth’s head violently with her hand. “Not too shabby Little Burrow. You’re almost a walking encyclopaedia. To think that you know this as well, you’re truly your Mistress’ personal security blanket.”

    Having his head ruffled so suddenly in a way that could almost be termed as lovingly, and being praised so highly, a red flush unconsciously tinted Zang Mai’s cheeks. “Mm. That I am able to be of assistance to my Mistress, Little Burrow is very happy.”

    After a moment of bashfulness, the youth then opened his mouth to say in a serious tone: “Mistress, you’ll still have to be careful. Although that fella is stupid, it is still a peak seventh level spirit beast that is about to advance into the eighth level. You must kill it before it advances or it will become more powerful when it reaches the eighth level.”

    [Peak seventh level spirit beast….. Do they really have to be that lucky?]

    Qing Yu cast a worried look at the youth on the ground. [She has to deal with it as quickly as possible. Otherwise leaving her foolish younger brother in that condition could become very dangerous. She really regrets not bringing Little Snow along this time as Little Snow would only need to suck out all the poison and he’ll be fine.

    “Little Burrow, watch Little Bei for me. I fear that there might be other creatures nearby.”

    Qing Yu stood up after giving her order. Watching the two girls who were almost going to collapse from running, she then said in a voice that was not very loud but was penetrating enough to reach their ears: “Go hide behind that boulder to the side in front of you. Just stand there and do not move another inch.”

    When Yan Xi Rou heard that she screamed back in disbelief. “Do you think we’re stupid! ? Are we really supposed to stand there to await our deaths?”

    “If you do not wish to die, then do as I say.” Qing Yu said indifferently.

    In comparison, Yan Xi Wu was smarter than her sister. When she heard Qing Yu’s words, she instinctively obeyed and hid herself behind the boulder, standing still and not daring to move a single muscle. Seeing that, Yan Xi Rou had no choice but to follow suit.

    Immediately, the vast and expansive flats fell silent.

    The Demonic Centipede that was speeding forward suddenly halted, the stamen like mouth quivering slightly at the tip. It seemed to be rather puzzled why its two prey had suddenly disappeared and its body that was tens of meters long writhed and twisted around in fury, becoming rather confused.

    It suddenly stopped its furious thrashing and turned its body towards a particular direction. There seemed to be some movement coming from there.

    At that moment, Qing Yu’s was approaching step by step with almost no sound coming out from under her feet. But as her footsteps were too light, it made the creature start to doubt for a moment whether it was mistaken.