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Chapter 97.3 - Demonic Centipede

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 97.3: Demonic Centipede

    Suddenly, those footsteps grew louder. In fact, it broke into a run. The Demonic Centipede perked up immediately and its body that had been stretched out flat on the ground suddenly came upright, lashing out a ferocious attack towards the source of the sound but then crashed into an incredibly hard boulder instead. It became dizzy immediately and it was a while before it regained its senses.

    [Where’s the enemy?]

    [The movements had clearly been coming from this direction. Why had it suddenly disappeared?]

    The speed of the Demonic Centipede’s attack was too fast to dodge and Qing Yu had already leapt up to stand on one foot atop a high boulder, her arms held wide open, standing steadily.

    That creature had foolishly crashed into the boulder as expected and though Qing Yu was at right above its head at that moment, the creature was completely unaware of it.

    Since it did not have any eyes or a nose, it could only stick its body close to the ground to feel the enemy’s movement to locate them.

    It waited for a moment to ascertain that there was no other movements before it clumsily slithered away. However, it was right in that instant that Qing Yu’s body suddenly shifted and the foot she held suspended in the air was lowered as she jumped hard upon the boulder once. This time, the Demonic Centipede was smarter and it did not go charging headlong towards the sound anymore, but decided to spit out a large mouthful of poison instead.

    Qing Yu immediately leapt onto another boulder and the surface of the poison covered boulder immediately started to bubble, actually softening as it melted down into a corrosive puddle.

    Qing Yu was aghast. “…..” [That’s some damaging attack!]

    It seemed to realize that it was being toyed by the opponent and it became furiously enraged. That stamen shaped like mouth began to spray venomous fluid all over the place, looking like it would not rest if it was did not force its prey to show itself today.

    [Damn it. If it continues to remain in such a berserk state, things might turn out ugly. A spirit beast’s power was at its strongest when it went berserk and it could possibly advance its level.]

    The aura around Qing Yu’s body suddenly congealed and she leapt up into the air. Her long upslanted eyes flashed with a dark glint and they turned completely jet black, where not a single speck of white could be seen in those eyes, looking incredibly strange.

    “Sacred Burial Arts, Ravaging Rot!”

    With those few soft words that came out from her mouth, the ground suddenly lurched, and the entire place seemed to be rocking violently.

    Countless thick and strong black vines then burrowed out from underground, every inch covered with sharp hooked barbs, the tips of the vines waving like wildly tentacles of an octopus. They were clearly so soft and flexible but they continued to grow incessantly, every single vine like a sharp blade that left countless wounds on the body of the Demonic Centipede.

    What was most precious to the Demonic Centipede was the blood that ran inside its body, which was more greatly prized than the venom that it spat out through its mouth. If that venom was cultivated into poison, it would definitely qualify to be placed among the top ten on the poison charts but when it bled, with the loss of blood, its attack also becomes weaker.

    The thick vines continued to grow maniacally, increasing endlessly in number, till it finally formed into a circular prison that fully surrounded the Demonic Centipede, trapping it as they coiled around its body and gradually tightened, which sped up the rate of its bleeding.

    Trapped inside, the Demonic Centipede let out highly agonized cries, its stamen shaped mouth spitting out venomous fluid in an attempt to corrode the vines off it. But any vine that was corroded away was quickly replaced by the never ending growth of more vines, which did not help its predicament at all, but merely weaken itself further.

    It might be because of its perilous situation that it came to ignite its survival instincts further. It continued to struggle and writhe, and the venom from its mouth was suddenly like a dam that had been opened, spurting out like a torrent which pushed the vines back over a large area. Its body then suddenly expanded in size by a full round in an instant, and that small stamen like mouth suddenly turned into gaping jaws that was filled with teeth sharp as saws.

    The eyes of the golden haired youth from further away turned sharp. “Good grief! It has risen a level!”