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Chapter 98.1 - Curtains Close For The Eighth Level Spirit Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 98.1: Curtains Close For The Eighth Level Spirit Beast

    The birth of a level eight spirit beast caused the entire Hades’ Canyon to quake, the raging roar of wild torrential energy surging out in waves that caused other spirit beasts in the surrounding area to shiver as they cowered in their corners, not daring to come out.

    It was pushing all the other spirit beasts into hopelessness.

    The recent birth of a Heaven defying Super Divine Beast had already frightened them almost to death and they had not dared to come out to roam in search for food even when their stomachs growled in hunger, thinking being able to survive another day was one day earned, deeply afraid that they’ll encounter the lordly beast. And now, another high leveled spirit beast had appeared…..

    Looks like they should be making plans to leave this place of calamity or they might find themselves dead without even knowing how they had lost their lives.

    And on the other end of the Hades’ Canyon, the two people, Lou Jun Yao and Bai Zhi Yan who heard the commotion paused in their steps.

    “That was the aura of an eighth level spirit beast.” Lou Jun Yao said as he gazed far into the distance. “And it is a variation of a mutant spirit beast, its abilities surpassing that of regular eighth level spirit beasts.”

    Bai Zhi Yan shook his head and said: “Logically, such a unconventional place should not appear in these low level lands and the levels of the spirit beasts in here are relatively high, almost reaching the levels of the ones in the middle level lands.”

    Lou Jun Yao lowered his eyes in thought and then said slowly: “The existence of this place by itself is already illogical and now…. The Hades’ Canyon has sunk deep underground so it will not show up in the world anymore.”

    Upon saying that, he then glanced darkly at Bai Zhi Yan. “The most urgent task at hand now is to find that little pet of yours first. If it doesn’t know what’s good for itself and comes to hurt that lass, I will not care what your intentions are with the beast, I will make sure it loses a few layers of its skin.”

    A corner of Bai Zhi Yan’s mouth twitched. [Do you have to be so vicious? Moreover I feel that the lass isn’t someone that is so easily disadvantaged you know?]

    Qing Yu was pushed back to one side by the great blast of energy from the creature’s level advancement and saw that the fella’s body had grown explosively by a few sizes, its mouth that had originally looked rather clumsy now become incredibly malevolent. No matter how aggressive the black vines were at that moment, they were no longer able to hold down the creature who had advanced into its next level and they all began to retreat, burrowing back underground.

    “Mistress.” Zang Mai was a little worried when he saw that and he had moved to come beside the young lady to say earnestly: “Use me! Ever since we came to this strange world, we have never once stood together in battle before.”

    Qing Yu cast him a brief glance. “Go back and help me keep watch over Little Bei. Don’t come mess things up.”

    “But you’ll get hurt!”

    “So what?” Qing Yu’s demeanor was indifferent. “Only when one constantly gets hurts and bleeds, will one’s strength come to be elevated even higher.”

    The young lady’s beautiful and alluring eyes then turned red and gold, and the aura over her body suddenly underwent a change in that instant, a change that caused Zang Mai to tremble despite himself, the expression on his face becoming rather excited.

    “Just a mere eighth level spirit beast is not even worth my attention at all. Today is its first day becoming a high level spirit beast and it will also be its last.”

    The figure that was clearly so thin and frail was suddenly exuding an aura that felt like one from a king who gazes upon the world with contempt.

    Zang Mai’s gaze grew profound and deep. This was his Mistress’ true self, haughty and noble, the only Master that was able to inherit the Sacred Burial Arts! Even though she was starting all over again from scratch and her powers were not as strong as before, she still possessed that same powerful and tenacious soul deep down inside.

    Although the transformed Demonic Centipede still did not have any eyes or ears, its senses were now more than a hundred times stronger, seeming like it did not need to depend on movements for it to determine the direction its prey was in. The boulder that hid Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu was then summarily corroded cleanly away by a mouthful of venom from the Demonic Centipede’s mouth, and if they had not gotten away in time, their bodies would have completely rotted away together.