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Chapter 98.2 - Curtains Close For The Eighth Level Spirit Beas

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 98.2: Curtains Close For The Eighth Level Spirit Beast

    In order to not let those two troublesome girls come to be a hindrance to Qing Yu, Zang Mai stretched his hand out and pulled them over to his side before he picked up the still unconscious Qing Bei to retreat back by about a hundred meters.

    When in his invisible state, no one was able to see him except for Qing Yu and hence when they saw Qing Bei’s body lifting up into the air, the two girls who felt themselves being dragged together along then exchanged a glance with each other, both their eyes showing utter disbelief and shock.

    But when they saw that they were at a seemingly safe place, they were then not so afraid anymore.

    Seeing Qing Yu who was facing that enormous and terrifying monster all by herself, Yan Xi Rou’s face then creased up to ask with a bitter laugh: “Will she die?”

    The golden haired youth who was watching the battle inadvertently heard that question and he turned a sinister gaze upon them before he sent a knuckle sandwich flying. The pain caused Yan Xi Rou to let out a loud cry and she then turned to look around her, her face looking like she had seen a ghost.

    “What’s with you?” Yan Xi Wu asked puzzledly upon seeing her clasp her hands over her head.

    “Nothing nothing.” Yan Xi Rou replied sheepishly.

    Has she encountered a ghost? She had said it so softly and she was heard? It couldn’t have been Qing Yu that rapped her on the head right?

    The thick and powerful tail then swept towards her and Qing Yu easily dodged, only to see that the spot she had just been standing in was now a deep hole. If she had not avoided the blow, she would have been smashed into meat paste from the one strike.

    Her eyes turned icy. Since this fella was dead set on wanting her killed, then she would go into battle with everything she had!

    Within those wide poison filled gaping jaws, its teeth sharp as saws ground against each other, like they wanted to shred her up so badly. As it came closer, the strange odour emanating in waves out from those jaws caused the complexion on Qing Yu’s face to turn an ugly shade, and her eyes to flashed with a vicious glint.

    The slender figure leapt up into the air, and landed straight upon the Demonic Centipede’s head. A beam of light flashed in her hand and in the very next instant, an agonized and rage filled roar shot towards the clouds, that seemed to shake the ground and made the mountains quiver.

    Immediately thereafter, the creature’s large head with its jaws filled with its saw like teeth was seen to have a good half of it sliced right off, and blood was spurting out everywhere unendingly.

    In an instant, the chaos that erupted became even worse than that of the storm that struck when the creature advanced in level and transformed, as if the sky was falling and the earth was splitting apart. It caused all the other spirit beasts to shiver and shake, their hearts filling up with despair, thinking that they would most probably have to leave their lives behind here today.

    Although Qing Yu had moved very quickly to get away from the Demonic Centipede’s side, but in a moment of carelessness, she had been struck by a flying rock swept up by the enormous tail’s thrashing. Excruciating pain washed over her and she subconsciously bit down hard on her lip. She seemed to have dislocated her arm.

    The golden haired youth’s eyes grew dark when he saw that, the beautiful silver gold orbs becoming tainted by a black mist, looking unspeakably strange and evil.

    A weapon spirit is linked in mind with his contracted owner and although Qing Yu consciousness was distracted by the agonizing pain, she had still noticed the change that was coming over Zang Mai and her brows knitted tightly together. “Little Burrow…..”

    She did not not know what the lad had done that he had kept hidden from her before. That devilish spirit of a human he had used to restore his spirit body must have belonged to someone extraordinary. Otherwise, how could it have such a great effect on Little Burrow?

    “I’m fine. Calm yourself down. Do not lose your mind.”

    The youth blinked his eyes. That expression on his face was clearly so innocent and adorable looking but insidious murder was hidden behind it somehow. “But, it has hurt Mistress”

    The young lady’s exquisite and beautiful countenance was stained with a speck of bright red blood. She had gotten that scrape when she was flung out in that one moment of carelessness. At that moment, she lifted her slender fingers up and wiped the blood cleanly off. By the time she raised her eyes up, her gaze was already tinged with bloodthirsty murder.