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Chapter 99.1 - Alive? Dead?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 99.1: Alive? Dead?

    An eighth level spirit beast’s core crystal was indeed extraordinary. Just holding it in one’s hand and one is able to feel the pulse of the spirit power within.

    Qing Yu kept the core crystal away and saw the handsome featured countenance of the youth who had been watching her from not too far away seemed to relax in relief.

    Curling up the ends of her lips, she walked over to him. “How? I did not disappoint you did I?”

    “Of course Mistress is as powerful as she always has been.” Zang Mai said with his eyes turning into two smiling arcs. “I had thought that Mistress would need to expend quite a bit of effort against that eighth level spirit beast.”

    Qing Yu shrugged her shoulders in helplessness. [Who asked her to have so many Divine Artifacts cheats on her?]

    “Where are those two?” She then came to realize that Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were not there and she asked quizzically.

    “Oh, over there!” The youth pointed casually with a finger.

    Qing Yu followed the direction of the finger and saw the two young ladies lying side by side beside a boulder, their eyes tightly closed.

    “I was afraid that they were too timid and it would scare them to death to see you become so brutal, so I simply knocked them out.” Zang Mai explained lazily.

    “Mm. Good job.” Qing Yu nodded.

    In fact, it really wasn’t suitable for them to witness such a scene as there would be too many things that would be hard to explain.

    She crouched down and reached her hand out feel Little Bei’s pulse at his neck. She then opened his clothes at the shoulder to check the wound. Fortunately she had acted quickly to control the poison and the wound had not spread to become too large, but the corroded wound still looked rather grisly.

    To see that the youth’s smooth skin had such an ugly wound, it was really quite an eyesore.

    Qing Yu knitted up her brows. Although it would be rather painful…..

    Her long slender fair skinned fingers summoned up fiery flame, and she brushed it lightly over the wound on the shoulder.


    The intense searing pain jolted Qing Bei out of unconsciousness.

    Elixir Fire has cleansing and detoxifying effects and although the process was rather tormenting, but it was the best method to use at that moment.

    The youth’s eyes that had been rather dazed turned clear in an instant, his body unable to move at all. His senses had become exceptionally sensitive and pronounced and the only thing he was feeling at that moment was only that extremely excruciating pain.

    Besides gritting his teeth tightly together to endure it, there was nothing else he could do. He knew that Qing Yu was helping him dispel the poison.

    Shortly after, the burning agony was finally gone. Qing Yu looked at the wound that was already beginning to congeal and scab and she breathed out a soft sigh in relief. She then took out a bottle of skin rejuvenating salve and applied it over the wound. With that, it should heal up in less than two days.

    Qing Bei’s body was also slowly starting to be able feel, and he was able to move.

    He sat up from the ground and said in a grim voice. “Sis, I can’t help having a feeling that this place is not just ordinarily dangerous.”

    Logically, people who have come to Hades’ Canyon for rigorous training in the past had not come to encounter such a powerful and unusual spirit beast, and the entire place was just oozing with strange peculiarity with dangers way above the middle average level, already perilous enough to be placed among the continent’s Three Most Deadly Places.

    Hearing him say that, Qing Yu nodded her head in agreement and said: “I had felt that something isn’t right about this place as well. Compared to what people who have come here before have said, the kind of spirit beasts and the environment we have seen so far is a completely different place entirely.”

    “I feel that we should leave this place as soon as possible.” Qing Bei said with a serious expression. “We have retrieved quite a number of spirit beast core crystals throughout the trip and although we have not reached the ten days dateline, leaving this place prematurely is purely for the sake of our safety before we encounter a situation that we’ll not be able to defend ourselves against. Moreover, we have two deadweights with us…..”