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Chapter 99.2 - Alive? Dead?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 99.2: Alive? Dead?

    Qing Bei said without any expression on his face as he cast his glance to look at the two people knocked unconscious just a short distance away from them.

    It seemed as if these two people had mostly been in an unconscious state throughout the mission. Tagging along with Qing Yu for the training had been too blissful for them that had them being so well protected. If it was up to him to say, he would have dumped them behind so they would not be such a hindrance.

    Qing Yu smiled helplessly without a word and then said: “Calculating the amount of time, about six or seven days should have passed. Let’s just wait till the Mou hour today and then leave!”

    After Yan Xi Rou and Yan Xi Wu were awakened, the few of them then left the highly dangerous place at great speed, leaving the massive and highly striking set of spirit beast’s skeletal remains behind them.

    Not long after they left, the ground suddenly began to shake violently and the flat plains that had been filled with dense cracks then began to rise. With a particularly intense shiver, all the rocks and boulders in all kinds of various shapes and sizes then slid downwards, like they had all fallen down into a deep canyon, without kicking up even a cloud of dust.

    A moment after, that cracked and parched soil then continued to slide off, to slowly reveal a kind of smooth hide. That seemingly boundless plains, was actually the back of a gargantuan beast!

    It was a beast that was bigger and wider than the enormous Demonic Centipede by several hundred times!

    It was as if it had laid dormant deep underground, suddenly awakened from its long deep sleep, and the many living things that had come to grow upon its back was now all falling and detaching off its body.

    It had a toweringly tall and massive body, four elegantly long and strong limbs, the head of a dragon and body of a tiger, a strange and unusual form. Right in the middle of its forehead, was a thick and sharp horn, seemingly highly powerful, its pair of bright and expressive eyes shining with intelligence. Warm gusts of air snorted out from its nose and the corners of its mouth actually split into a highly human like smile, that would sent chills running through people.

    It looked at the skeletal remains of the Demonic Centipede and though there was no more life in them, it could still sense the lingering terror and regret.

    The gargantuan beast then seemed to snort rather mockingly with a rumble in its throat before it raised a paw to smash the Demonic Centipede’s remains into dust, that was then dispersed into the wind.

    Its eyes gazed forward, the meaning in them unclear.


    The way forward had been a whole lot safer for the group and they did not come across anymore strange encounters.

    They had been rather lucky to have captured two very low leveled Heaven Scuttling Bunnies along the way as well.

    The reason for that name was because they were a species of rabbits that could fly and burrow, most highly skilled escapists. But unfortunately they had been met with Qing Yu who used her golden needles to pin them to the ground to immobilise them, where they then just looked up pitifully at her.

    Qing Yu completely ignored those eyes. At such a low level, they didn’t even possess core crystals. If not to be caught and roasted for food, what other great accomplishments were they hoping to achieve?

    Besides being just a bit bigger in size than regular rabbits, the Heaven Scuttling Bunnies were rather normal. But when she saw Qing Yu skillfully gut and skin the rabbits to roast them over the fire, Yan Xi Rou just could not take her eyes off her. It must be known that after the last time she ate the meat of the Great Spiked Hog, she had completely lost her appetite for a few good days, and she was really looking forward to having some meat today.

    But seeing Qing Yu prepare the rabbits in front of her after Qing Bei set up a simple roasting rack, Yan Xi Rou could not help but feel a little puzzled. “Why do the two of you….. seem so well practiced in things like this? Both of you have not come out for wilderness training before.”

    In her impression, Qing Bei was a weak and frail cripple who dragged his handicapped body that had nothing but an intelligent mind around, and Qing Yu was a weak and timid know nothing, a decorative vase that did not dare to retaliate even when bullied.