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Chapter 100.1 - Devilry Must Be Afoot When Things Seem Strange

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 100.1: Devilry Must Be Afoot When Things Seem Strange

    The two succulent rabbits roasting above the fire were at that moment giving off a delicious and tempting aroma, the meat just getting cooked, the oil just beginning to drip from it to splash onto the ground.

    The man moved like the wind as he stretched a devilish claw straight towards the rabbits, was the hand was denied its path when it was struck by a thin tree branch that flew through the air. He could not help but yelp out in pain and turn around to stare with baleful eyes.

    Qing Yu was holding another sizeable tree branch in her hand as she came walking slowly over, tapping the end of the branch on her other hand. She then asked with an indiscernible smile: “You still have the cheek to glare at me? Those rabbits were caught by me, skinned by me, and have you even asked me before you reached your claws towards them?”

    “That’s right! Taking without asking is akin to stealing. To think that one who looked like a refined human would turn out to be so shameless and without scruple.” Yan Xi Rou chimed in from one side in indignation.

    [She had been eyeing those rabbits for so long! How could she possibly allow a complete stranger who just popped out of nowhere suddenly to steal the prize?]

    Yan Xi Rou had just finished saying those words when the man’s inky black eyes turned to look at her. There was less white in his eyes, his irises larger than normal, and it was a little terrifying to see up close. Although his facial features were quite good looking, she still unconsciously shifted herself closer towards Qing Yu.

    The few of them in the group stared warily at the man, fearful that he might suddenly attack them.

    But after Qing Yu said those words, the man did not make any more moves towards the rabbits, and just sat there quietly to watch the glistening oil sizzle on the smooth and succulent looking rabbit meat, his adam’s apple moving as he gulped longingly.

    His actions and demeanor, just felt so indescribably strange, but as to what was wrong exactly, it was hard to put one’s finger on it.

    Yan Xi Rou rubbed her arm and whispered softly: “What is it with this guy? Is he going to stay here and not leave? Or does he intend to share our food?”

    Towards the unwelcome guest who had popped right out of nowhere, seeing that he was not doing anything else but just watching without a sound, Qing Yu raised an eyebrow and went on to ignore him. She then took out her dagger and slid it over the rabbit meat a few times to make it easier for the meat to cook, while the man just watched her intently.

    It was a very strange scene to see.

    Qing Bei was a little worried as he leaned in closer to the young lady and said in a low voice: “Sis, this man just came out of nowhere out of the blue, half his body was buried in soil like a dead person. That is already strange enough, and he is now just staring fixedly at the succulent rabbits roasting on the rack like a lunatic without doing anything else. It’s really rather worrying you know?”

    Qing Yu cut off a rabbit leg and handed it over to him as she said in an indifferent voice: “Don’t bother about him. When it’s the Mao hour, we’ll just leave.”

    Qing Bei knitted up his brows as he took the rabbit’s leg and took a bite. The rabbit meat roasted with the specially mixed spices was tender and delicious, highly appetizing. But as his heart was still dangling in worry, he did not really pay much attention to how the meat tasted.

    On the other hand, Yan Xi Rou was watching eagerly, and it was until Qing Yu handed her a thigh that she then smiled contentedly. Even Yan Xi Wu was seen to take a rare bite of the meat. It was not known how Qing Yu had prepared the rabbits as even the fatty parts were not oily at all, but was tender and fragrant.

    The gaze of the man who was acting strangely then seemed to deepened bit by bit, like a terrifying storm was starting to brew up within, until a large meaty rabbit thigh was suddenly delivered right in front of his eyes, so close he could almost taste that alluring fragrance.

    The man instinctively froze for a moment and he then lifted his eyes to look at her.

    “Eat it. I can see that you must be hungry, but you must not just snatch people’s things like that in future. If you happen to meet more unfriendly people, they would have given you a good thrashing.” Qing Yu said in an easy tone, with an eyebrow arched up.