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Chapter 100.2 - Devilry Must Be Afoot When Things Seem Strange

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 100.2: Devilry Must Be Afoot When Things Seem Strange

    That action had not only caused the man to be stunned but all the others did not understand it as well.

    It was a good while before that man was able to react, his hands grabbing the rabbit leg to take big ravenous bites out of it, looking extremely hungry.

    The whirlwind speed he carried out his actions at shocked the few other people into a daze and as the rabbit was big in size, its thigh was sizeable as well. They had not even finished half of what they had when the man had already cleanly finished his share in an instant, even crunching up the bones with his teeth and gobbling it all down.

    “…..” [Just how long has he not eaten meat?]

    Qing Yu thought about it for awhile and then gave one half of a rabbit they still had remaining to the man. The other rabbit would be enough of the other three people to eat.

    As expected, the man wolfed down the large piece of rabbit meat in a few mouthfuls, finishing it lightning quick, which amazed the others so much they actually forgot to eat, but just stared at the man with wooden expressions on their faces.

    Seeing that he had finished eating, Qing Yu finally asked: “Who are you? Why were you buried under the soil?”

    It was probably because she gave him food to eat and the man’s gaze was no longer that malevolent. It was a while before his raspy voice spat out two syllables slowly. “Sleeping.”

    Qing Yu was slightly taken aback by that reply but she quickly recovered. “You mean to say that you were sleeping and was not buried under the soil?”

    The man nodded.

    “Then why were you sleeping under all that soil?” Qing Yu felt a little speechless. That was quite an eccentric habit.

    The man’s gaze looked at her a little disdainfully, like she was asking him a highly irrational question, but he still replied with one word. “Comfort.”

    “…..” [There are really so many strange people who do strange things nowadays. This one here likes to imitate dead people by sleeping covered over with dirt.]

    “How did you come to appear in here?” Qing Yu then asked the question that had been on her mind. Logically, the spot he had been sleeping in was the direction they had walked past coming here, so why did no one notice the man’s presence before?

    The man was seemingly becoming a little impatient, but he still knew the rule that eating people’s food should at least loosen his lips, so he stacked on quite a few words this time. “I found myself here upon waking up.”

    “Where are you from?”

    “I don’t remember.”


    There is a saying: “One is deemed too talkative when the topic does not agree.”, and it was very true in this case. Qing Yu had not been snubbed so thoroughly ever before and no matter how gifted a tongue she had, she just could not seem to find a common topic with this man.

    Anyway, he was just a passing acquaintance and they might not ever meet again after they leave this place today, so it did not really matter that much.

    After their bellies were filled and comforted, the group of people sat by the fire to get some rest, taking turns to keep watch. And because of the arrival of their unwelcome guest, all of them were extra wary.

    The strange man did not come any closer but just kept a good distance away to watch them. It was probably because he had had abundant sleep that his eyes were wide open as he surveyed the surroundings curiously, like an ignorant child studying everything in their world.

    After a while, it might be because he was getting tired where his eyes slowly began to shut, to fall soundly asleep.

    When the Mao hour comes, they would then be leaving this place.

    But, what they had not thought, was that the entrance into Hades’ Canyon, had at that moment completely disappeared, and the environment inside had undergone tumultuous changes, falling completely into night, where the light of day would no longer be seen, the already pitiful four hours of light no longer coming, with the entire place buried deep underground henceforth.

    The sands of time trickled bit by bit, and Qing Yu sat there in meditation. Although her eyes were closed, her heart saw everything clearly.