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Chapter 101.1 - Sheer Cliff

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 101.1: Sheer Cliff

    But that was not the end of it.

    The crack continued to extend down deep into the ground and split into two, to form a wide divisive chasm.

    The chasm gradually widened and as the spot she had been standing was a distance away from the others, by the time Qing Yu was able to react, she was already separated from the other three people, them standing on one end, and she standing on the other side.

    “Sis!” Qing Bei shouted anxiously, seemingly wanting to cross over to the other side. But the gulf was continuing to widen and the ground was still shaking violently. Rock and stone came dislodged and fell down into the deep chasm, and there was no sound of them hitting the bottom. In his panicked state, it was all he could do to steady his feet.

    “All of you must protect yourselves well. I am fine.” Qing Yu raised her voice to say.

    The tips of her ears then perked up, coming to hear the dull booming thump coming closer. Her long upslanted eyes narrowed as she tried to ascertain the source of the sound.

    Finally, the thick and sharp horn was the first to be revealed before her eyes and four slender limbs next, its eyes big as bronze bells which emitted a blinding white light, its dragon like head majestic and grand. Its body was unbelievably massive, almost blocking out the entire sky, the oppressive aura it exuded was so powerful it could cause one’s chest to turn hot, and vomit out a whole mouthful of blood.

    Qing Yu forcibly resisted against the oppression, pushing down the rank metallic taste at the back of her throat.

    [What kind of a monster could this be that it possesses such immense power.]

    [The oppression in its aura is a hundred times stronger than when the Demonic Centipede had gone berserk!]

    The gargantuan sized beast came closer with each step, its head seemingly hidden above the clouds, and it could well be imagined just how enormous the beast truly was. It then snorted derisively through its nose and said: “Humans, you’ve disturbed my peace!”

    The group of people were startled. [It spoke! That means it’s a spirit beast that’s surpassed the eighth level!]

    [Not only have they been trapped in here with no way out, they have now come to encounter such a powerful spirit beast.]

    “We….. We’re finished. We’re surely done for this time.” Yan Xi Rou’s face was horribly pale as she unconsciously gripped Yan Xi Wu’s arm tightly, her fingers trembling in fear.

    Yan Xi Wu’s gaze was instead tightly fixed upon Qing Yu who was now a far distance away from them, her heart filled with a sense of blind irrational trust that Qing Yu would be able to deal with things, and that they would not die here just like that.

    “We were already all prepared to leave, but we are unable to get out. We have no intentions of intruding and causing any affront.” Qing Yu had just come out from a battle and her body had not fully recovered. Under such circumstances, she did not really want a headon clash.

    [For the spirit beast to be capable of human speech, it must possess outstanding intelligence. If she’s able to settle this peacefully, that would be best.

    Hearing that, the gigantic beast lowered its head to look at her, the ends of its lips raised up in a gleeful smile. “Of course you are not be able to get out. No one in here will be able to get out. Because this entire place has already disappeared.”

    “Disappeared?” Qing Yu was taken aback. “What do you mean?”

    The gigantic beast seemed to be in a rather good mood as it went on to explain to her: “This place is basically an illusory realm that was born when I went into a deep sleep while I was advancing to the next level, and now that I have awoken, the place would naturally then cease to exist.”

    “Illusory realm…..”

    Qing Yu would never have thought that the Hades’ Canyon that had been around in these land for several tens of years would turn out to be an illusory realm that did not exist in reality…..

    [But if the illusion has disappeared, then where were they physically now?]

    [No, that cannot be right!]

    Qing Yu’s eyes then darkened. “You want to trap us all in here?”

    The gigantic beast looked at her, a little surprised, and then shook its head. A brightness shone in those intelligent eyes tinged with slight anticipation. “I will kill off the other people in a while and only you will remain behind, to forever accompany me.”