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Chapter 101.2 - Sheer Cliff

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 101.2: Sheer Cliff

    “How dare you! ?” Qing Yu’s face was tinged with slight anger. [Is there something wrong with this spirit beast’s brain? It couldn’t possibly have fallen for her has it?]

    “There is nothing I don’t dare to do.” The gigantic beast burst out in laughter.

    Its gazes then darkened and the sharp lone horn on its head began to crackle with an electrifying light. Another violent bolt of lightning shot towards a spot on the other side where Qing Bei and the sisters were standing and a chunk of the ground suddenly collapsed. If not for Qing Bei’s quick actions that pulled the two young girls away, they would have already fallen down into the bottomless chasm.

    The frightened faces of the two of them were devoid of all human colour as they gripped on tightly to Qing Bei’s clothes.

    On the other side, Qing Bei’s heart was beating madly from shock and she said through tightly clenched teeth: “Despicable. To think that such a high level spirit beast would use such cheap and lowly tricks against weak humans. Where the inspiring valour that should come from such a majestic spirit beast! ?”

    However, the gigantic spirit beast did not feel the slightest tinge of shame from being berated. “Weak humans will not live for long and will in turn end up as food for spirit beasts, so why not just die earlier? Rest assured. Down below is where my life’s fire lie and I guarantee that they will turn into ash in an instant, and they will not even feel anything.”

    This brutal spirit beast was really so viciously cruel!

    At the moment when it unleashed another attack upon the people over on the other side, Qing Yu completely ignored the violent shaking in the ground and tapped the points of her feet on the ground to leap over to the other side, and moved at an astounding speed to grab the few people, bringing them to a comparatively safer location back on this side.

    The gigantic beast did not know the reason why, but it liked Qing Yu very much and it wasn’t ready to hurt her.

    When it saw that she had leapt over to the other side, it quickly tried to retract the lightning that was whizzing ferociously forward but was still a step too late.

    Although Qing Yu had dodged very quickly, but she was still struck on the arm by that lightning and her arm instantly turned numb, unable to feel anything. The left arm that had been dislocated earlier but she had not attended to it much was now wounded in addition to the original injury. A portion of the snowy white robe was charred black and bright red blood flowed down past her fingertips to drip onto the ground.


    “Qing Yu…..”

    The eyes of the few of them who saw that happen right before them immediately grew red rimmed, brimming over with emotions.

    No matter how much she disliked Qing Yu all this time, the always foul mouthed Yan Xi Rou immediately broke into tears when she saw the wretched state of Qing Yu’s arm, thinking it must be horrendously painful.

    If it wasn’t because she wanted to save them, she wouldn’t have been hurt.

    And at that moment, the power of the lightning blast that had already gotten two thirds of the ground blown off suddenly caused the edge below Qing Yu to crumble into rubble.

    Qing Yu’s body was stiff and numb and in a moment of inattentiveness, her slender body went falling down together, her white robe billowing out with the rush of the wind as she fell, looking like a plummeting butterfly.

    Qing Bei’s elegant eyes immediately flared wide, a surge of power seeming to gush up inside his body that was going to burn up his entire person. But the unnatural feeling in his body did not hold his attention as all his focus was only pinpointed upon the young lady falling down into the deep chasm.

    [Qing Yu…..]

    He wanted to go save her without caring about anything else but it was as if his body was rooted to the ground, unable to move at all, despite him struggling with everything he had till green veins were bulging up prominently at his temples.

    [No….. Let me go…..]

    The gigantic beast had not expected that such a thing would happen and it was stunned in shock, with panic coming to appear in its eyes.

    A shadow fleeted past its eyes, straight down towards the deep chasm. The gigantic beast stared with its eyes wide, not having been able to clearly see what that was. Thereafter, a mirth filled voice then rang out darkly behind it.

    “Little one, you’ve gotten yourself in big trouble this time. You better pray hard this time!”