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Chapter 101.3 - Sheer Cliff

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 101.3: Sheer Cliff

    The gigantic beast immediately turned its head around with a snap and saw an enchantingly handsome looking man in red robes. It was taken aback for a moment before it asked: “My Lord, what made you come here today?”

    “With such a great commotion you caused advancing a level, shouldn’t I at least come have a look?” Bai Zhi Yan said with a click of his tongue. “Hurry up and keep this form of yours away. It’s an eyesore. Aren’t you already able to change your form?”

    Hearing that, the gigantic beast’s body then shrank, and in a puff of green smoke, a tall black robed figure appeared before his eyes, his face refined and good looking, like a smooth and suave playboy. His eyes were rather unique, where the whites of his eyes were almost non existent, its dark irises taking up a huge portion of them, a little unusual looking.

    “You don’t look like you’re any good at all.” Bai Zhi Yan said, snorting a couple of times in contempt.

    [This man….. was the one who had previously appeared so suddenly, the man who had wanted to snatch away their rabbits!]

    “So it’s you!” Yan Xi Rou glared at him with wide eyes, becoming so angry she forgot to be afraid and admonished him fiercely: “Aren’t you being too ungrateful here? To think that Qing Yu was so kind to offer you food seeing that you were so hungry, you have now caused her to fall off the edge of such a sheer cliff!”

    The man knew that he was in the wrong here and he just rubbed his nose without saying a word.

    Hearing those words, Bai Zhi Yan raised an eyebrow and asked: “Do you know who that young lady that fell off is?”

    The man’s eyes lit up with joy when he heard her being mentioned but then turned a little sad as he said: “Her roasted rabbit….. was delicious. I loved it….. I wanted to keep her here to keep me company. It was not intentional…..”

    “Keep her as company?” Bai Zhi Yan looked as if he had just heard a joke, his plum blossom like eyes shining dazzlingly, unable to hide his mirth. “You dare to even like her? You’re really just the greatest! The greatest spirit beast I have ever seen in my life. Hahaha…..”

    The man sawt Bai Zhi Yan doubled over in laughter and he just continued to just look at him in confusion.

    It was a quite a while before Bai Zhi Yan was able to stop laughing and he then raised his eyes up to look at the man. “I told you on the very day that I saved you that you will come to serve a person in future, and that person’s position is above me, the Lord that I serve.”

    The man nodded. [But does that have anything to do with this?]

    “The young lady that just fell off, is my Lord’s benefactor who saved his life. Moreover, she is a high grade Elixir Cultivator, the type whose single pill of Level Advancement Elixir will allow you to become a Super Divine Beast within a short period of time.”

    Bai Zhi Yan looked at the man whose face was turning white bit by bit, his expression turning into one of horror. Bai Zhi Yan paused for a moment before he said: “Before we got here, he has already stated that if you turn out to be too blind to see and come to harm a single hair on her, he will have you skinned.”

    The man’s seemingly tall and brawny figure then suddenly shivered involuntarily.

    On the other end, because of her draining strength and the fact that she was wounded, Qing Yu was not able to breath for an instant as she fell. Her weapon spirit in her body was frantically calling out to her: “Mistress! Wake up and let me out!”

    A weapon spirit would not be able to come out from the dimensional space when their Master had lost consciousness. Seeing the frail state that Qing Yu was in, Zang Mai was frantic with panic but in the next instant, the link with the outside world was cut off.

    Qing Yu had fainted.

    The people up on the cliff’s surface were all sitting on pins with the probable exception of Bai Zhi Yan.

    It was till the sound of light footsteps sounded that everyone looked up, and saw a tall and muscular man in a purple robe carrying a slim figure in his arms, slowly walking towards them.

    When he came closer they were all astounded at the man’s countenance, which was exquisitely flawless in its beauty, the mesmerizing and soul binding violet eyes under his brows exceptionally striking, his moist thin lips under that high pointed nose pressed lightly together like he was withholding his emotion, and the terrifyingly sinister aura emanating from his body driving chills through their bodies.

    Qing Bei was rather stunned as he looked at that man, and something flashed through his mind. [This man…..]