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Chapter 102.1 - Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 102.1 : Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

    He might not find the man’s face to be familiar but that pair of violet eyes that were one of a kind had left a deep impression on him.

    Back when he had gone to the Gathered Cloud Loft, he had seen that pair of eyes fleetingly through the curtain veil, and the red clothed man had addressed the violet eyed man as his Lord.

    The man that Qing Yu saved, was most probably this man here.

    He had not expected that the owner of that pair of eyes would have such outstanding looks and command such a powerful presence. It was clear that he was not any ordinary man with just one glance.


    The scene where the slim figure of the young lady looked so small while being carried in his arms could really cause one to look at them with a surprised face, where one would come to feel that having such a proud and noble man who must surely see the world with nothing but contempt do something like this would just sully his very status.

    And for Qing Bei, it was also the first time that he was seeing his elder sister in such a weakened state.

    Lou Jun Yao’s brows were furrowed up and his face was more frightening than anything. Bai Zhi Yan came walking over in a hurry and asked softly: “How is she?”

    “Have a look at her left arm.” Lou Jun Yao said in a deep voice.

    Bai Zhi Yan then turned his gaze onto the young lady’s left arm that was dangling on the outward facing side. When Lou Jun Yao was walking towards them just now, that arm had been swinging limply with the momentum, like it had been broken.

    He stretched his hand out to feel the arm at the joint and his gaze then turned around to glare viciously at the tall panicked faced man behind him. “Are you even a man! ? Ptui! Do you even consider yourself to be male! ? How are you even able to strike at a dainty little young lady like this? Her entire arm has been completely dislodged!”

    “I did not…..” The man tried to explain, looking highly aggrieved.

    “Stop denying it. I’ll deal with you later.” Bai Zhi Yan threatened fiercely. He then held on to the young lady’s slender arm and with one hand pulling while the other pushed, he popped the arm’s joint back in place in an instant.

    “Ugh…..” The young lady’s face with her exquisite features creased up as she let out a soft grunt from the pain.

    Lou Jun Yao then put her down and sat himself down on the ground, positioning her to lie against his body. He then very gently rolled up her sleeve, to reveal a portion of that arm with skin smooth as jade.

    But at that moment, a large part of the skin was charred black and stained with sticky blood, looking a little grisly.

    The few other people on the side could by now tell that the two men who had suddenly appeared were friends and not foes and they seemed to be on rather close terms with Qing Yu, so the few of them then came in closer.

    Qing Bei suddenly found that his body could move and he hurried over as well, his eyes looking worriedly at the young lady who had her eyes tightly shut, and he then saw that rather frightening wound on her arm.

    With the amount of power the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s lightning strike possessed, Qing Yu’s injury could be considered to be rather light. It could be seen from here that that fella really had not meant to intentionally harm her.

    The man whom the Lightning Blaze Unicorn had transformed into was at that moment looking guiltily at the young lady. He then opened his mouth to say in a very soft voice: “My blood will help her to recover, but as for the wound….. it must be sliced off. If it’s delayed any longer, her whole arm would be crippled.”

    Although the lightning blaze had only wounded the flesh, but its immense power had also inflicted internal injuries.

    Upon hearing that the dead flesh needed to be cut off, Qing Bei’s brows knitted together. “Is there no other way?”

    [To slice off such a large piece of her flesh, how painful would that be for Qing Yu! ?]

    Bai Zhi Yan arched up an eyebrow and looked at him. He had probably guessed that this was Qing Yu’s younger brother and his attitude became a lot more polite than the way he had been when they first met. “This is the most effective way or the wound will just turn more severe.”

    Hearing that Qing Bei did not say another word more.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s long slender fingers pull out a palm length knife with a blade thin as a cicada’s wing out of thin air and he then cleanly sliced off the black charred flesh over the young lady’s arm with one swift stroke, that exposed a bloody layer of flesh below, the bright red blood immediately spilling out in a gush.