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Chapter 102.2 - Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 102.2 : Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

    Bai Zhi Yan then skillfully scattered top grade blood clotting medicine over the wound which stopped the blood from continuing to gush out in an instant.

    The pain from cutting off the flesh and the application of the medicine could well be imagined. Even though Qing Yu was unconscious at that moment, the pain caused her eyes to flare wide open, her good hand gripping tightly on Lou Jun Yao’s clothes, the luxurious cloth immediately becoming hopelessly creased.

    Upon seeing her eyes open, the expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face finally smoothed out a little and he asked in a soft voice: “It hurts very much?”

    The young lady’s lips were pale from clenching her jaws tight and upon hearing those words she subconsciously retorted: “You try it and see if it hurts.”

    It was only after saying those words that she realized that something wasn’t right. [The man who was bandaging her wound right before her eyes….. Bai Zhi Yan?]

    [Then the one who just spoke…..]

    [And she was lying down against him! ?]

    Realizing the position her body was in, she immediately stiffened a moment and then tried to get up, but she was held down by the man’s hand on her shoulder. “Don’t move. Be careful not to tear the wound.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu then settled down and did not move. But she still asked in puzzlement: “How did the two of you come to be here?” [People of that level, coming out for rigorous training out in the wilderness would be as good as playing house to them!]

    Hearing that while he was bandaging up the wound, Bai Zhi Yan then said teasingly: “It is all because a particular someone heard that you were coming here to such a dangerous place and was afraid that you would bump into stuff and hurt yourself. So he had come whizzing his way here like he was on fire just to protect you~”

    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    The words and tone of voice had been heavily laden and one might really believe that to be really true.

    Lou Jun Yao then shot him a brief glance with eyes that hid a silent warning.

    Bai Zhi Yan was usually flippant with his words and always making jokes, so Qing Yu did not take his words to heart at all. But upon hearing him mention that this was a dangerous place…..

    “What do you know about this place?”

    Bai Zhi Yan curled his lips up in a smile and stretched his hand out to pick up the man who was taller and bigger than he was by the cuff like a kitten and dragged him over. “Here. It’s because of this fella here.”

    Qing Yu was a little surprised. [Isn’t this that strange man who tried to snatch their food? What is he doing here?]

    Seeing her looking all confused, Bai Zhi Yan then said: “Don’t judge this fella here just by his dumb and foolish outlook. He is actually a twelfth level spirit beast good and proper.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu could not continue to remain calm, her face turning incredulous. “You’ve got to be kidding! A twelfth level spirit beast! ? But aren’t spirit beasts only able to change their forms when they reach level fifteen?]

    “This one here is a Lightning Blaze Unicorn, a species of the most noble bloodline, one that possesses the unique ability to be able to change their form earlier. He is also the one who mistakenly wounded you earlier.” Bai Zhi Yan had put it across in such a way seeking to have Qing Yu plead for the spirit beast. If he were to really leave the whole matter alone till that brutal and merciless Lou Jun Yao got his hands on the spirit beast, the poor beast would surely fall back below the tenth level at the very least.

    “So that is what happened…..” Qing Yu’s eyes grew thoughtful. That spirit beast who had turned into a man was looking really remorseful and scared at that moment, which really looked so different from the way he had been before.

    Bai Zhi Yan then stretched his hand out to pass her a jade bottle. “This is the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s blood. It will be able to alleviate your injuries and you should take it together with healing elixirs. This whole thing was really just a misunderstanding. I had left him in here to recuperate from its injuries and it was really not easy for him to finally attain the twelfth level. I would never have expected that it would come to injure you in the end…..”

    Qing Yu was not that dense to not detect the meaning behind his words. She curled up the corners of her lips and took the jade bottle. “Since it’s just a misunderstanding, then we should just forget the whole thing. I’m fine now anyway.”

    Hearing that, Bai Zhi Yan enchanting peach blossom like eyes then brightened as he looked gratefully at her, his liking towards her going up by another few points.

    [The young lady’s generosity is really admirable.]