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Chapter 102.3 - Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 102.3 : Slicing Off Flesh To Treat the Wound

    “But now, how are we going to get out…..” Qing Yu asked looking slightly perplexed as she gazed at the darkness surrounding them. “I could have taken them out through a dimensional space before but now that I am injured…..”

    She had recovered a little by now and she climbed to her feet.

    Lou Jun Yao maintained his original position as he propped up his chin with a palm and looked at her calm and unruffled. “What do you think I came here for? With me here, would you still need to worry about such things?”

    Qing Yu then looked at him slyly. “Why do you always appear in the very nick of time? You seem to be rather concerned….. about my affairs?” [Just what does this guy here have up his sleeve?]

    Lou Jun Yao curled up the corners of his mouth and his seductive violet eyes flashed with a eye catching sparkle before he then made a statement that had unclear meaning. “Once a hunter has his prey marked, he would always employ all kinds of ways to make the prey let down its guard before it captures the prey in one fell swoop.”

    “? ?” Qing Yu was a little confused, unable to comprehend what had just been said.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face looked rather sleazy as he leaned in closer to say in a low voice: “Can’t you see that he has you marked?”

    [So, she is the prey?]

    The corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched. Ever since she came to be on more familiar terms with them, she found that these two men were becoming more and more abnormal.

    From the moment that Yan Xi Rou saw Lou Jun Yao, that highly noble air and his unparalleled countenance had immediately made her swoon head over heels, especially when she how gentle he was towards Qing Yu.

    Seeing him walk a little further off, Yan Xi Rou then quietly scooted over to Qing Yu’s side. “Who is that man? Why have I never seen him in the capital city before?”

    Qing Yu arched up an eyebrow. “What? He caught your eye?”

    Yan Xi Rou’s face flushed slightly red before she said coquettishly: “What nonsense. I was just asking.”

    “It’s better that you do not know anything about him.” Qing Yu said with an indiscernible smile. “That man there, is an even more frightening existence than the Duke of Vast Seas himself.”

    Yan Xi Rou was taken aback, but felt that Qing Yu was hiding the truth. She immediately said in a rather displeased tone: “You don’t need to tell me if you are unwilling to, why do you need to spin such a tall story? That young master is clearly such a gentle and refined gentleman.”

    Qing Yu had no words for her. “…..” [What kind of spell have you come under?]

    Bai Zhi Yan’s extremely sharp ears caught the words “gentle and refined gentleman” and he suddenly choked on his own saliva.

    [To think that he would be able to meet someone with such a unique sense of judgement in this life, one who claims that the most brutal and tyrannical demon lord Lou Jun Yao is….. a gentle and refined gentleman!]

    To others, ripping a tear into the void was something that would severely drain one’s cultivation but to Lou Jun Yao, it was just a simple matter of moving his arms. After the entire group of them came out from the dimensional space, they found that they had come to reached the Imperial Capital in the blink of an eye.

    Before their eyes, it was the brightly lit up Gathered Cloud Loft, and it was already late at night.

    “I can’t believe that we have actually come back.”

    Yan Xi Rou said excitedly as she held Yan Xi Wu’s hand and hopped in her spot. She then turned to look at the cold faced man in his purple robes and said in a coquettish voice: “Thank you Young Master for lending a helping hand. Rou Er cannot be more grateful.”

    Bai Zhi Yan felt goose pimples rise on the back of his neck hearing that nauseatingly coquettish voice.

    And the purple robed man did not even blink when he then turned to face Qing Yu and said: “Remember to make a trip to come here tomorrow.”

    “Why?” Qing Yu asked in bewilderment.

    Lou Jun Yao swept his gaze over her arms and said indifferently: “Let Bai Zhi Yan change the dressing for you. It will not be convenient for you with only one good arm.”

    “That’s alright, I can get Little Bei to help me.”

    “It is best that things like this are handled by an Elixir Cultivator.” Lou Jun Yao said with grimly.

    “Alright then!” Qing Yu did not continue to refuse.

    [Anyway it is just a change of dressing.]