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Chapter 103.1 - Target to be Top Five

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 103.1 : Target to be Top Five

    The next day, Qin Fang who received the news immediately came rushing over.

    He had heard about the strange occurrence at Hades’ Canyon and he had been highly guilt ridden this entire time. It was afterall because he had been just too careless when he failed to investigate into the place thoroughly enough, which then led them to fall into such danger.

    But the fact that they had finally managed to come back safely was something that made Qin Fang highly curious. As the Hades’ Canyon had sunk underground completely, how did they manage to come out?

    In regards to that, Qing Yu had just told him very vaguely about it, that it was a friend who had coincidentally passed by the place who helped them.

    Qin Fang was rather dubious about the veracity of that claim but then sighed in awe at the young lady’s circle of friends. [Such a powerful expert….. is probably someone from one of the higher realms!]

    On the other side, although Qing Yu had said that she was not going to hold it against the spirit beast, Lou Jun Yao was not going to be that easy. Those alluring violet eyes just stared darkly at the Lightning Blaze Unicorn till he was almost going to pee in its pants.

    Although a level twelve spirit beast could already be considered to be rather high among spirit beasts, but it was not even worth a mention before Lou Jun Yao. Back in the Dark Regions, there were a total of seven Super Divine Beasts and the weakest one among them was already at level fifteen, and it was a young beast that had just been born not too long ago, already at level fifteen from birth.

    Hence, this level twelve spirit beast was in his eyes, no different from any common domestic pet.

    It was probably because the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s form after his transformation was an eyesore to him, Lou Jun Yao went on to change him back into its original form, but restricted its size to be constrained, remaining only as big as a cat or puppy, which just made it look like a queer and pitifully ugly thing.

    Bai Zhi Yan sat at the side, his shoulders shaking uncontrollably, almost driven mad from trying to hold in his laughter. The scene was really just too funny for him to watch.

    Although the spirit beast understood the rule that might made right very well, but he was afterall still a spirit beast of the noblest bloodline, so being treated so humiliatingly, his heart immediately swelled with rebellious anger.

    He then came to discover that not only was he not able to assume his human form, he was unable to even transform himself back into his original gigantic and majestic shape, but confined in this small tiny body, neither human nor spirit beast. It immediately became infuriated. “What have you done to me! ?”

    Lou Jun Yao raised up a corner of his eye on one side lazily, his voice magnetic and soothing to the ears. “To let you experience what being a pet feels like for a period. From now onwards, you will sleep in there.”

    Following the direction the man’s gaze indicated, the Lightning Blaze Unicorn turned his head to see. In a corner fully laid out with straw, was a small sized….. doghouse!

    “You’re bullying people too much!” The Lightning Blaze Unicorn almost couldn’t breathe from his rage. [This hateful man was treating him like he would a dog? !]

    “Are you then “people”?” Lou Jun Yao snorted derisively. “Don’t use your words wrongly. You better behave yourself for awhile….. Oh. I forgot to tell you. You will not be able to use any of your powers now and are just a common and ordinary little pet. So if you go running outside and attract the eye of other spirit beasts, don’t come back crying if you get bullied.”

    Hearing that, the Lightning Blaze Unicorn’s beastly eyes widened as he stared, not believing Lou Jun Yao’s words and he rammed the horn on top of his head onto Lou Jun Yao’s leg. In the end, the spirit beast yelped in pain and fell over to the floor, his eyes misting up with tears.

    [Why is this man’s body harder than a rock? It hurts to death…..]

    His actions had proved to himself that he really did not possess a single bit of attack power. If he went out like that, even a stray mongrel would be able to kill him now. How pitiful was it for a powerful level twelve spirit beast to fall into such dire circumstances.

    Bai Zhi Yan’s face was sympathetic as he shook his head. Only the Heavens knew just how black hearted the man Lou Jun Yao could really be. No matter man or beast, anyone who offended him would definitely eat the bitter fruit of consequences. But…..

    [Can this be seen as vengeance exacted blind with rage, all for his beloved?]