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Chapter 103.2 - Target to be Top Five

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 103.2 : Target to be Top Five

    At that same time, the day for the Faint Mist Sect’s quarterly internal competition was right on the brink of the brow.

    And those that were brushed off the charts would be demoted to become regular disciples, while the top best five positions would receive generous prizes.

    There were quite a number of disciples competing in the training hall. They had all become a lot more hardworking recently and people often came in even before the sky turned bright to come secure places for themselves as there was limited space in there, only enough to hold a hundred people when there were over two hundred disciples in the inner circle. Hence, fights often broke out to gain entry into the place with many incidents resulting in bloodshed.

    And among these two hundred people and more, only thirty of them steadily held a position in the inner circle with many of them being disciples who caught up from behind, having defeated former inner circle disciples. So, there was always a wave of new blood that would bring about a change in the members of the inner circle’s disciples every three months.

    The training hall was well equipped with weapons and other equipment cultivation speed in here was faster than other places and one would not be disturbed, so the place was considered a highly prized location with great fengshui in the Faint Mist Sect.

    And in the courtyard behind the training hall, a large space had been cleared out in the middle that was surrounded by a ring of spectators, who broke out into bouts of cheers intermittently.

    Inside that space, a man and a woman were faced off in battle and they were both wearing similar white uniforms, the lapel and hem of the clothes embroidered with cloud patterns, that looked highly elegant.

    Only the top twenty ranks among the inner circle disciples had these uniforms while the rest of the inner circle disciples would wear full white uniforms without any patterns embroidered on them and the regular disciples wore ones that were smoky green.

    The strikes executed by the two opponents were so fast it was dizzying to watch, unable to see their actions at all, and only the sounds when fists and palms clashed could be heard. The two opponents had not summoned up any spirit power at all, purely a match of close unarmed combat, the strength of their physical bodies causing the spectators to sigh in admiration.

    “The ranking of these two have always been so close and equally matched, who will take the lead this time?”

    “But with one ranked eighteen and one nineteen, I feel that they are in a very precarious position as they are very close to the bottom end.”

    “Moreover I heard that there are quite a few of them with rather strong cultivation in this current batch of disciples and they will also be getting new recruits soon. The pressure they are facing must be really great.”

    “The pressure we face isn’t that much less you know? Instead of us debating about these people who are on the charts, we should be thinking hard on how we are going to defend our own position as inner circle disciples, and not get squeezed out by all those other fellas.”

    As they stood there arguing incessantly, a cold but pleasing voice suddenly sounded. “All of you are so free that you’ve gathered here together to engage in idle chit chat?”

    Everyone was startled and they all turned their heads around to look. A young lady with a countenance of unmatched beauty was approaching them with slow steps, her body surrounded by the aloof air of a goddess. Upon her fair forehead, was an extremely eye catching five petal flower bloom, which added a dash of glamour and colour to that sacred and indesecrable face.

    It was until she reached them that everyone came to regain their senses. Although the beauty was really very beautiful, but that cold and aloof temper was not all that pretty. “Senior Yan!”

    This young woman, was Yan Ning Luo in the flesh.

    As the Green Wave Kingdom’s most prodigious female, she was ranked on the Faint Mist Sect’s inner circle disciples chart, ninth in position.

    And among the twenty people on that chart, there were only four who were female, the other three not within the top ten, with Yan Ning Lou being the only female among them, and she also the youngest in age.

    This made everyone in the inner circle to be fearful of her in some way or another. Moreover she had gained the Sect Chief’s recognition and with her powers clear before them, everyone had to respectfully address her as Senior Yan even though she was younger in age.

    But of course the main reason people were fearful of her was not just because she possessed great power, it was because she had another identity in there, the Vice Hall Chief of the Disciplinary Hall.