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Chapter 103.3 - Target to be Top Five

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 103.3 : Target to be Top Five

    The Hall Chief of the Disciplinary Hall was a woman over forty years old and was always stern and strict towards everyone. But it was not known why she came to appreciate Yan Ning Luo very much and went straight to talk to the Sect Chief about it, who then bestowed the position of Disciplinary Hall Vice Chief on Yan Ning Luo. Once any of the inner circle disciples were found to have broken the sect rules or breached their discipline, she could immediately deliver punishment and just report it thereafter.

    Hence it could well be imagined just how fearful everyone was of her, afraid that she would find out about any of their indiscretions.

    So with her arrival, everyone quickly said a quick greeting and they all dispersed like startled birds.

    As Yan Ning Luo always appeared haughty and aloof, she was not entirely all that popular with people, but with the disciples holding the top twenty ranks, her relationship with them was not too bad.

    To her, she would only be friends with powerful pugilists.

    “Ning Luo, you’ve come out from cultivation seclusion?”

    Upon seeing her approach, the two people battling then stopped themselves, and the young woman then opened her mouth to ask.

    Yan Ning Luo nodded her head. “How’s things? Has it been good for you recently?”

    The young woman then replied with a helpless sigh. “Not that great. Master has been exerting pressure on the two of us recently. Although we will not be kicked out of the sect if we get squeezed off the charts, Master said that we had better not go back to see him if we are going to bring him shame.”

    “Elder Mo is indeed a little more strict, so the two of you must really put in your best.” Yan Ning Luo curled up her lips to say with a smile.

    Hearing that, the young woman then looking at her enviously and continued to say. “I really admire all of you in the top ten. Even such a young lass like you is so powerful. You are younger than me but you actually managed to go from being unranked to seizing the ninth rank straightaway within a single year! Have you just been hiding your powers all that time before?”

    Yan Ning Luo bit her lip slightly and answered. “I am merely at the bottom of the top ten ranks. My target is to get into the top five.”

    “Top five?” The young woman was a little shocked before she shook her head lightly. “Isn’t that target a little tough? You must surely know that those guys there at the top are just legendary in the Faint Mist Sect for so many years, and their position has never wavered before! Let’s not mention those few right at the very top for awhile. Even the fifth ranked Senior Su Li Mo holds a record that no one in the Faint Mist Sect has been able to surpass to this day, which was set when he challenged three hundred expert pugilists in one day, and was not defeated even once.”

    It was a record of three hundred consecutive victories, which was absolutely no joking matter for anyone. Just by dueling so many matches without stopping alone would already drain one’s body out completely already.

    Hence back when Su Li Mo achieved the record of three hundred consecutive wins, all the teachers had suspected him of taking some kind of restricted drug. But when they checked, he was completely clean and he had done it by just his own power alone, which was just unthinkably incredible.

    It wasn’t as if no one had coveted the throne of being among the top five, but with just Su Li Mo alone who did not know exhaustion and held such maniacal powers, it was already more than what anyone who tried could overcome, so there was no need to even talk about the few who held even higher ranks.

    Among females, Yan Ning Luo was unequivocally the top one but since the beginning of time, women have always been far weaker in physical strength than men, so surpassing those top five men who possessed Heaven defying powers would truly be a tough bone to chew, and not something that could be achieved in a heartbeat.

    Hearing that, Yan Ning Luo laughed softly. “Since I had already come to climb up to the ninth position among so many hundreds, the top five isn’t that much further for me now.”

    “Then, I wish you early success.” The young woman chirped shyly.

    Yan Ning Luo turned around and walked away and she then overheard the soft whisper behind her. “It’s a good thing to be confident, but overconfidence will then just be conceit…..”