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Chapter 104.1 - A Guest Comes to Visi

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 104.1 : A Guest Comes to Visit

    “Sixth Young Miss, you have a guest.”

    Qing Yu had just come back from outside and the guard at the door immediately came forward to report in a soft voice.

    “My guest?” Qing Yu raised up an eyebrow. [She doesn’t seem to have any close friends here in the Capital City though…..]

    At that moment in the guest hall, Yan Su was entertaining a lady with a tall and slim figure, who was dressed in a light green dress. The lady had a pretty countenance, her bright eyes beautiful and absorbing, that looked highly intelligent. She commanded a noble and aloof air, that made people often overlook her countenance, but they would then quickly become attracted to that unique elegant air she exuded.

    “Lai Lai!” Qing Yu’s eyes lit up, and she called out rather delightfully.

    Mu Lai heard the voice and subconsciously stood up to walk a few steps forward before she found herself wrapped within a big hug by the approaching young lady. The coldly pretty face then reddened unnoticeably and she raised a hand up to return the hug.

    Yan Su seldom saw the young lady looking so delighted and he was rather taken aback by surprise.

    “Qing Yu, you are acquainted with Young Miss Mu?”

    When the servants had come to announce that a Miss Mu had come to visit, he had initially been rather puzzled. There was only one family clan surnamed Mu in the Capital City and they were a relatively small family clan who were not very well known, so it was thought that they would not call on the manor for a visit so abruptly.

    But the servant had then said that it was the Young Mistress of the Mu Family that was the topmost Elixir Cultivator Family throughout the lands.

    Although this Mu Family kept a low profile in a remote region at the common border shared among a few countries, but their reputation as the topmost Elixir Cultivator Family far precedes them, known far and wide. Especially the current Young Mistress of the Mu Family, whom was though still a very young lady, was already known to be a rare genius skilled in both Medicine and martial arts, the most outstanding talent among Mu Family’s younger generation.

    She was afterall a young lady who had just turned eighteen, but the steady and stalwart flair she exuded often made people forget her young age.

    Qing Yu held the young woman’s hand and then said to Yan Su with a smile: “Father, this is my good friend, I’ll entertain her. If you are busy, just go ahead with your own tasks!”

    Seeing that, Yan Su nodded his head. “Alright, you ladies will find it easier to talk. Take good care of Young Miss Mu.”

    Upon saying that, he then nodded at Mu Lai and he then left.

    Mu Lai watched Yan Su’s figure walk far away and then turned her gaze back. “The relationship between the two of you….. doesn’t seem that good?”

    Although Mu Lai herself was not really all that close to her father as well, but her situation was still at least at the level where her father was benevolent and she the daughter filial.

    But the interaction between Qing Yu and Yan Su was a little more queer. One would not really see anything wrong on the surface, but the highly distant manner of speech and actions between them could not be concealed. Or it should be said….. that it’s Qing Yu who did not seem to be that warm towards her father.

    That one point, would naturally not escape her who had always been sensitive in thought.

    Hearing that, Qing Yu’s brow lifted up and she said seemingly unconcerned: “I wouldn’t say it’s not good, but just not really all that bad!”

    As that was their family affair, Mu Lai did not go on to probe any further.

    “That’s right. Why have you suddenly come to the Imperial Capital to look for me?” Qing Yu asked in puzzlement.

    “I came here purely just to see the place you live in.” Mu Lai said, her gaze gentle as she continued: “Because we saved the Assassination Temple’s Chief, they delivered a whole lot of things to the Mu Family the very next day. I think they were unable to find you and they then just sent the gifts to me instead. I’ll have someone bring it here for you next time.”

    “Huh?” Qing Yu was taken aback a moment before she waved her hands in front of her. “Don’t. You just keep those things. There are so many people in your family clan and cultivating elixirs calls for the use of many precious herbs. Moreover, the price of herbs are currently so high in the market, so just keep the things with you and use them to procure more elixirs and medicines. Consider them as blessings to the people.”