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Chapter 104.3 - A Guest Comes to Visi

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 104.3 : A Guest Comes to Visit

    Seeing the young lady’s worried look on her face, Mu Lai’s heart sank slightly deep inside and she picked up the cup of tea on the table to pour it down her throat in one gulp, seemingly seeking to alleviate the emotion she had suppressed inside her heart for the past few days. “My Father….. might not have long to live.”

    Her tone of voice was extremely calm, so calm that one could almost not detect any emotion at all.

    But her words had caused Qing Yu to be greatly startled. [How…..]

    The Mu Family Head Mu Qing Tian was merely only about forty years of age and was a amiable and kind person. He was also a highly respected gold grade Elixir Cultivator. How did he come to have something bad happen to him so suddenly?

    Qing Yu did not want to think that things was really that bad but when she saw the usually steady and haughty woman show such a helpless look on her face, she could not help but ask in a gentle probing manner: “It was done by your own people?”

    Mu Lai’s gaze grew sharp and her long slender fingers made crackling sounds as they clenched up. Her lips then parted slightly to say: “If my father had not been too soft hearted back then, he would not have to suffer this unexpected calamity now. He was ambushed when he was advancing in level and suffered violent backlash. Not only his vitality had been severely damaged, his cultivation had fallen from the gold grade third level to the silver grade eight level in just a few days, a good five levels, which turned half his hair white.”

    This was how an Elixir Cultivator misused the practice. They were able to employ Elixir Cultivation techniques to make their body constitution become stronger than normal people, causing them to look much younger. But when their vitals are damaged, their cultivation levels would continuously drop, speeding up their ageing as their health declined. When their cultivation levels drop to the very bottom, their lives would then be snuffed out.

    Hearing her words, Qing Yu felt a wave of emotion. She had not thought that such a big incident would happen in the period that she went to the Hades’ Canyon for rigorous training.

    “Lai Lai, just let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” Qing Yu said seriously as she held Mu Lai’s hand.

    She had probably come such a long way here to the Imperial Capital because she wanted Qing Yu to offer her some spiritual support and mental comfort. She was afterall just a young girl in her teens and to have something so severe happen to her father which led to her having to hold up such a large family clan with hungry wolves eyeing covetously at the sides, the immense pressure she must be facing could very well be imagined.

    The fact that she had not collapsed under that kind of pressure already showed how strong she was.

    In the past, she would only be able to hide things like this in her heart. But now, she has a friend that she could share her heartfelt thoughts with, and she would not have to hide it till it felt like she could not breathe.

    “Qing Yu, I want to save my father.” Mu Lai suddenly lowered her eyes and said softly. “But when he came to know the method that would be used to save him, he told me he would rather die than to accept my help, and I had a big fight with him about it.”

    Qing Yu’s face looked hesitant for a moment. Hearing her words, the method Mu Lai wanted to use to save her father did not sound like a good idea, or the Mu Family Head would not get so worked up over it.

    “I searched through the texts in the library. My father’s condition is cultivation energy dispersion. One will only need to take a measure of spirit essence from his closest kin and feed it to a little ghost capable of gathering cultivation energy. Wait for forty nine days, gather back the energy essence that the little ghost would be losing and let my father absorb it to cure him…..”

    “Have you gone mad! ?” Without waiting for her to finish, Qing Yu interrupted her sharply. “Do you know how venomous that method really is and how much it tears at one’s cultivation? If you do that, living with an incomplete soul will not only rob you of your affinity with being an Elixir Cultivator, you could very possibly be reduced into becoming a puppet for an exorcist!”

    “But I cannot just watch my father die like this.” Mu Lai clenched her fists tightly. “The Mu Family cannot do without him.”

    “Then it can do without you?” Qing Yu retorted with a glare. “I will not allow you to so something like that.”

    Mu Lai’s brows furrowed together. “But…..”

    “No buts. Since you came to me, I will help you solve it no matter what.” Qing Yu said coldly. “Who asked you to have such a nasty temper that made you just one friend here? Who will help you if I don’t?”