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Chapter 105.2 - Paradise City

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 105.2 : Paradise City

    “…..” [Ha! Just great! Ever since regaining back his power, he doesn’t even need to conceal his sarcasm at all now.]

    Bai Zhi Yan was so infuriated he wanted to just ignore him completely. His eyes turned to look at the piece of paper in his hand and an eyebrow lifted up slightly, the expression looking a little mischievous. “Eh? It’s already so late at night and the lass is asking me out for a secret meeting? ?”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao’s subconsciously peeked at the contents on the scrap of paper. There wasn’t even a single word on it but just a picture of a feather on it, which was drawn looking highly lifelike. (Translator Note: 卿羽 read as Qing Yu where the “Yu – 羽” means feather.)

    [It’s that little fox Qing Yu?]


    “How do you know she’s asking you out?” [What kind of a deeper meaning can a mere picture of a feather have?]

    Bai Zhi Yan curled up his lips in a smile and said: “This is a long held secret among us Elixir Cultivators. Outsiders will not be able to tell what it means.”

    Upon saying that, he scattered a layer of powder from his fingertips. The feather immediately changed shape and a few words manifested. Afterlife Loft.

    Understanding then dawned upon Lou Jun Yao when he saw the words. He had thought that there was a secret code or something, but it was just a trick they that they employed.

    “That place sounds a little familiar…..” Bai Zhi Yan said as he rubbed his chin with a finger thoughtfully. After rubbing it for a good while, his expression then became slightly startled. “Isn’t that the territory of that kid?”

    “What?” Lou Jun Yao could not be bothered with any other trifling details but was just curious what kind of a scheme Qing Yu had up her sleeve.

    “That kid from the Baili Family. When he came here the last time, I almost killed him.” Bai Zhi Yan said in reminder.

    Regarding a certain person’s complete indifference towards all and everything, leading him to have no impression of anything, it was something that Bai Zhi Yan knew quite well. Hence, this person also had absolutely no idea just how many enemies he had come to make back in Cloud Heaven as well.

    With Bai Zhi Yan’s reminder, Lou Jun Yao finally remembered something about it. “What is it? What has the little fox asked you to go that kind of a place for?”

    “When you do not know, how could I know anything about it? Isn’t her relationship with you better than with me?” Bai Zhi Yan answered with a shrug of his shoulders. “We’ll know when we get there. That lass never turns up for no reason and something must be up with the invitation coming in so late.”

    “Mm.” Lou Jun Yao agreed with a grunt, his face stern and serious. “I’ll go with you. I’ll be able to help if anything happens.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was stunned. “….. ? !”

    [Can you please turn back to your normal self?]

    Ever since they came to stay here in the Constellation Lands for so long, this great demon lord has been turning more and more kindly and thoughtful for others? He has even learnt to take the initiative to extend help to others? All the others would surely be shocked to death if they knew!]

    [Is this fella thinking he’s going to help by committing murder and arson? ?]

    Although it was said that the Constellation Lands was a realm that lowest in position, but it contained perilous places that harboured ferocious beasts that were unimaginably dangerous, and also mysterious and luxurious places known as paradise cities that were in no way inferior to those of higher level lands, like the Afterlife Loft.

    Splashed in dazzling and splendorous gold and jade, of the highest luxury everywhere.

    The vast gambling hall on the first floor was a boiling pot of people’s voices, the loud cheers sounding incessantly in one’s ears. It looked like some people were rather lucky tonight, and in contrast there were also those who were especially unlucky, losing so badly they had hocked even their clothes, their faces and necks red as they cursed and swore in rage.

    On the side was the arena, where a brawny man towering with his two meter height was taken down by a thin looking youth with just two quick strokes, a loud dull crash sounding out when the towering figure crashed to the ground. The large figure was indignant and wanted to sneak an attack, thinking to catch his opponent off guard, but was sent flying out with a kick from the youth, that broke his neck and he breathed his last.

    The youth laughed sneeringly, his eyes disdainful as he then turn around to walk off without looking back, his attendants quickly catching up to follow behind him.

    The spectating crowd erupted in a bout of jeers.

    People died in the Afterlife Loft everyday. That was no mere rumour.