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Chapter 105.3 - Paradise City

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 105.3 : Paradise City

    And before today, people who died at the hands of the brawny guy numbered at least eighty if not a hundred. And now, it was his turn to die in the arena.

    The first floor was highly chaotic, the atmosphere in the gambling hall fiery, the arena brutal and cruel, but on the other side, there were many dance hostesses each wearing more revealing clothes than the next strutting around.

    Every single one of them gyrated their limber bodies decadently to the beat of melodious music, the thin silk covering their bodies fleetingly exposing the beautiful curves of the bodies that was exceptionally seductive and eye catching. Among them, not only were there highly coquettish women, there were also tall and handsome looking youths. Even though they were male, the attractiveness of their looks and well shaped bodies were in no way inferior to the ladies.

    There were guests there who were more into a different kind of taste and hence the youths were also highly popular as well.

    As long as one possessed the right conditions and sufficient wealth to entice them, they could either present a dance or a song for them personally, or one could have them spend a night of bliss and rapture together, with many choices readily available.

    They were there to satisfy any kinds of requests from their patrons.

    A balding and obese round bellied man with a highly greasy and pudgy face then came walking down from one of the gambling tables glowering. He trotted over to go right before a youth with an alluring body and pressed a stack of golden tickets right into the youth’s hand.

    The value for each of those tickets was a thousand, and that was at least several tens of thousands in total.

    The youth’s beautiful face then broke into an enchanting smile. It was not known what the balding man said to the youth which caused to youth’s face to look slightly abashed. But after the man added another stack of golden tickets, the youth acted coyly a moment before he obediently leaned himself right into the pudgy man’s arms.

    The balding man immediately could not seem to wait as his heart grew capricious and before all the countless pairs of eyes in that main hall filled with people, his large mouth smacked right onto the youth’s pink lips, his thick pudgy hands starting to rove and grope all over the youth’s soft body, eliciting a low embarrassed moan out of the youth, providing a highly explosion scene right in the open.

    There were many people surrounding them but those two people did not seem to be bothered in the least, seemingly becoming even more aroused. The balding man even pressed the youth down onto a table, ripping away at the obstructive thin silk, like he was completely unable to hold himself back from doing something people would not be able to take their eyes off from.

    The youth was very cooperative and his two long fair skinned legs spontaneously tangled up around the man’s body, looking highly submissive like the man could do anything he wanted with him.

    The atmosphere in there immediately became so sensational it was spiraling out of control.

    On another side of the hall, a cold faced man in black robes was pulling another man in white robes, and they went inside a private room without a word.

    “Why are we here in such a place?” The man paused between every word, like he was speaking through tightly clenched teeth.

    The man in white robes who was pulled inside possessed a countenance of flawless beauty that could make people gasp, his beautiful pair of phoenix like eyes smiling mischievously. “Lai Lai, are you feeling embarrassed?”


    These two people, are Mu Lai and Qing Yu who were disguised as men.

    Mu Lai had not known for what purpose they had to dress up as men but she knew now. [This place is just too dangerous!]

    Even dressed as men, when they had come in, they had already been scrutinized from head to toe by all kinds of strange gazes, not to mention if they had come in here as women. They would definitely have been skinned alive right on the spot.

    The people in here were just too terrifying. Just that one scene out in the main hall just now, any normal person would not be able to be so utterly shameless, but those two people had put on such an erotic show out in the open, and it was even a gay show! Absolutely disgusting!

    Qing Yu looked at the black faced girl in front of her and almost could not hold in her laughter. [What a rare sight. To think that the face of that glacier mountain that would never change could actually show such intense emotion.

    “Alright, don’t be mad already. I had not known that this place would get so chaotic. Anyway we came here for serious business this time and we’ll never come here again in future.” Qing Yu said reassuringly, feeling rather amused.