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Chapter 106.1 - Pulled Underground

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 106.1 : Pulled Underground

    Mu Lai’s face sank, her eyes looking a little complicated. [This little lass is younger than her by several years so how is she seemingly so easy and familiar….. in a place that was such a messy hotchpotch of all kinds of crooks and people like she often frequented them?]

    [And with that scene earlier, no matter how cold and aloof she could be, she was afterall still a young lady and could not help feeling embarrassed by that. But this little lass….. had stood there watching it all with such great interest!]

    [If she had not pulled the young lass away just now, they would surely have seen something that would give them styes!]

    Mu Lai was wearing a set of full black robes, her long hair bound up high on top of her head. With her original cold and aloof mannerisms, there was nothing out of place seeing her dressed up as a man. Instead, it gave her a sense of suave indifference, which attracted many pairs of eyes among the ladies.

    One didn’t even need to mention Qing Yu at all in this case. She had always dressed herself up in male clothes when she went out for convenience and with her exquisite and flawless facial features, she just needed to conceal a bit of her young femininity which then gave her a look of devil may care elegance, her long upslanted alluring phoenix like eyes soul captivating. She looked so outstanding that many could not take their eyes off her, attracting the hearts of both male and female.

    She was clearly such a enchanting and beautiful young lady but she did not show any single characteristic of femininity in the slightest dressed up like that, presenting herself to look just like a real man thoroughly, enchantingly handsome, elegantly sexy while exuding an unconscious tinge of proud nobility, the cream of the crop among men.

    Mu Lai had been caught off guard and her heart had also wavered a moment before she silently cursed inwardly, calling her a demonic temptress but went on to say aloud: “I have come to the Afterlife Loft a few times before. On the surface, it’s a guesthouse and restaurant, but it’s highly chaotic and messy inside, where all kinds of people gather. There are no lack of fugitives, killers, all kinds of brutal and fierce felons in here and hence the world outside gave the Afterlife Loft another nickname, called Sin City.”

    Saying it’s a city, was no exaggeration at all. The Afterlife Loft was so vast that its territories stretched out a thousand miles around, and not only was it nine stories high, there were also three levels underground that no one knew about.

    All the villains entrenched in this place all year round, as the moment they step out of the Afterlife Loft, the only thing that awaited them would only be death.

    So as time passed, they then become a part of the Afterlife Loft, assuming the role of a protector. If anyone tried to create a ruckus and stir up trouble, they would not hesitate to kill or kick those people out.

    There are even those who found a new lease of life, where through their incredible luck at the gambling tables had turned into extremely rich tycoons, or some who won countless battles in the arena that gained them rare and priceless treasures, to become one of the main pillars of the arena fighters.

    In short, they began to slowly sink into this peaceful world of theirs, one filled with riches and glory, fine wine and beautiful women, always immersed in hazy drunkenness, living their lives as happy as the gods, no longer having to be oppressed and be filled with jitters running for their lives all the time.

    The Afterlife Loft was dangerous and mysterious, and yet exceptionally safe at the same time. Many deals that must not be seen were conducted in here and they did not have to worry about it being leaked at all.

    The soundproofing in the private rooms were all very well constructed and it shut out the raucous clamour outside in an instant, almost feeling like it separated one into an entirely different world.

    Qing Yu slowly poured out a cup of tea and she was just about to take a sip when her suddenly nostrils flared slightly. The corners of her lips then curled with into a smile and she put the cup down. The Afterlife Loft was really quite interesting.

    Mu Lai saw her actions and she picked up the tea pot to bring it closer before she took a suspicious whiff of its contents. Her face darkened. “There is the scent of Forgetful Creek Grass in here.”

    Forgetful Creek Grass, as its name implies, is a herb that can cause a person to temporarily lose their memory. It is not harmful when taken in small doses but if taken over a prolonged period, one will gradually lose his mind, and slowly sink deeper and deeper till he becomes immersed inside his own world.