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Chapter 106.2 - Pulled Underground

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 106.2 : Pulled Underground

    [What what kind of a scheme is the Afterlife Loft plotting? To think that they would add such things into their tea!]

    Mu Lai immediately wanted to go find the manager of the place to question him but was stopped by Qing Yu who called out to her.

    “You can save your breath. I do not think that they have been doing this for only a day or two. Having you go expose them would only enrage them from being humiliated. It will only bring disadvantages towards what we came here to do.”

    Mu Lai knitted up her brows, and gave up on the idea after thinking about it. “Is the entrance to the Ghost Cavern….. really here in the Afterlife Loft?”

    “You must believe in my sensory powers. There is an extremely dark and evil aura in this place and if my deduction is not wrong…..” Qing Yu paused for a moment before she tapped the point of her foot on the floor. “It is right below here.”

    Mu Lai’s body stiffened, thinking that it was unbelievable. “The rumoured three levels underground?”

    Qing Yu shook her head and was seemingly deep in thought for a moment. “It seems to be even deeper down.”

    “Then how are we going to go down there?” Mu Lai’s face was looking rather conflicted as she then said: “We do not have the ability to delve through the ground and moreover if it’s in a very deep place….. It will be very dangerous with just the two of us here and we might even suffocate down there.”

    “Mm. That is why I called for someone who will be able to help us to come.” Qing Yu then opened her mouth to say.

    Mu Lai was a little surprised. “When did you do that? And the thing we are about to do here is highly dangerous. If the other party comes to be implicated by us, will you…..”

    Qing Yu laughed softly and said: “You do not have to worry. The helper I called in is highly reliable and is highly skilled.”

    On the other side, because Qing Yu’s note had not stated any other information but just the name of the place, Bai Zhi Yan was not overly concerned but to merely ask the grey robed man to come along. Who asked him to be good for nothing else but just possess incredible skills.

    Although the Afterlife Loft was well known throughout the entire lands, few people knew its exact location. It was because its location was really just too far remote, so it was very hard to find it even with it was such a prosperous place.

    Bai Zhi Yan and his group were delayed for awhile and they only came to find the place after asking people for directions.

    They could have just used dimensional teleportation which would bring them there in a single breath but they tarried all over the place for a good hour.

    Before their eyes, a massive building was revealed before their eyes, layer upon layer of hill slopes surrounding it, which made the entire place look even more impressive. To think that such a prosperous city would exist in such a location, sticking out like a sore thumb out here in the wilderness, which was just so surprising to see.

    Bai Zhi Yan unconsciously shivered with a chill and he said: “What kind of a fetish is that kid Baili Ji Ran hiding? Why would come to open an inn in a dumb place like this? It’s so creepy here at night, isn’t he afraid of attracting ghosts?”

    The grey robed man yawned lazily, looking very sleepy as he said: “You’re right about that. There’s quite a number of wild ghosts around here. A few of them had even just gone in!”

    “What did you say?” Bai Zhi Yan’s face was one of horror. “How many went in?”

    Bai Zhi Yan was not able to see strange sights like that, but the grey robed man was born with the Yin Yang Eye which allowed him to see things that the naked eye was unable to see. He swiped his palm lightly over his face and the undulating ripple of energy appeared before him like a picture.

    He raised his eyes to look and saw several malevolent ghosts latched threateningly onto the bodies of people, their posture awkward as they walked, their limbs dragging along stiffly, their faces sinister looking.

    Occasionally, he would see a lone single person fall behind and that person would then be dragged into a corner. The person’s neck would be broken and after he had stopped breathing, the ghost would bite into the person and suck up the blood in a frenzy. The person would turn into a dried corpse in mere moments and the withered body would then be eaten up, where even the bones would be crushed to bits as the ghosts crunched on them hungrily.