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Chapter 106.3 - Pulled Underground

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 106.3 : Pulled Underground

    (Translator Note: Changed Ghost Cellar to Ghost Cavern)

    The thing that made it more chilling was the fact that the ghosts would possess the humans, and what was seen were just humans eating humans. It could very well be imagined just how terrified and panicked the people inside were at that moment, thinking that those attacking humans had totally lost their minds. People were running away screaming in all directions, pushing and shoving each other.

    Quite a number of people fell to the ground from being shoved and they were trampled upon by countless feet. No one paid attention to what they were stepping on but only knew to escape in a mad dash. No one even thought to pull up those people on the ground where a good number of them were trampled to death, ending up as food for the ghosts.

    That scene starkly revealed the ugliest side of human nature, showing just how selfish people were. As long as they themselves were able to survive, everyone else who stood in their way could be killed, just so that they would gain a little more time for them to escape.

    The situation was just too chaotic and Lou Jun Yao’s gaze darkened. “Search for the little fox’s current location.”

    Hearing that, the picture before the grey robed man moved and changed quickly, till it came to show an incredibly horrifying scene!

    Several thin and withered black clawed hands had come out from the ground that were grabbing onto a white clothed figure. Those hands were grasped around the ankles of the young lady dressed in male clothing, seeking to pull her down underground.

    Beside her was another cold faced young lady in black clothes, who was grabbing on her hands trying to pull the white robed young lady back up. But in the very next instant, several more sharp claws hands came out of the ground and grabbed onto her as well, pulling a small section of their calves down.

    Lou Jun Yao’s face darkened and his body suddenly disappeared right before their eyes.

    The other two people could see how urgent the situation was and they immediately rushed forward to catch up.

    This sudden turn of events had really caught them off guard.

    Qing Yu found that she could not struggle free from those strange black clawed hands as her entire body had suddenly gone stiff the moment she was caught by them, unable to resist in the slightest, as if the strength in her body had been sealed.

    “Lai Lai, I am unable to move…..” Qing Yu said, her face mournful with a bitter smile.

    “I can’t move either.” Mu Lai squeezed out those few words out from her mouth. “Looks like we can be certain that the Ghost Cavern is down below.”

    “I really admire the fact that you’re still calm enough to make that conclusion in the current circumstances.” Qing Yu’s body slid down a little bit more despite her struggles and half her body was already dragged into the ground.

    “I admire you quite a lot too. That you’re still able to crack jokes at a time like this.”

    Mu Lai retorted, but her eyes dimmed slightly. Her hands were still tightly clasped around Qing Yu’s as she continued to say: “I’m sorry, I’ve really dragged you down this time.”

    “What nonsense are you even talking about? Who asked you to be my only friend?”

    The black clawed hands underground then seemed to grow stronger in that instant and Mu Lai was dragged down in an instant, disappearing from the surface completely.

    Qing Yu only had her shoulders and hands still above ground and just when she was going to fall inside, she suddenly heard the sound of the door opening, quickly followed by the hurried patter of feet. Her hand that was the only thing still up above the floor’s surface was tightly grabbed, and the person was pulled down into the complete darkness down into the chasm.

    The situation was highly turbulent underground with broken rocks and crumbling rubble cascading down all around her, falling at an extremely fast speed which would surely cut and disfigure her badly.

    Qing Yu was feeling her consciousness clouding over but somehow still remembered to want to protect herself from getting disfigured, her arms subconsciously reaching up to protect her head. But she then found herself suddenly being held pressed right against a wide chest, while a low magnetic voice sounded in her ears. “Don’t worry. Everything’s alright.”

    [Who’s that…..]