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Chapter 107.1 - Inside the Ghost Cavern

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 107.1 : Inside the Ghost Cavern

    The sudden darkness that enveloped her caused Qing Yu to be unable to see for an instant but she could feel that she was being held tightly in a person’s arms protectively. At that close distance, she could even smell a light elegant fragrant scent on that person, which made her feel strangely secure.

    It was not known just how deep underground they were going as she continued to fall. The feeling of not having firm ground under one’s feet was rather unnerving.

    Finally, just as Qing Yu was feeling dizzy with sleepiness, her feet came to step on something soft.

    [Huh? Has she reached the bottom…..]

    [But….. Why is the ground under her feet soft?]

    Qing Yu slowly lowered her eyes down to look. As her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, she was gradually starting to be able to see. With her head lowered, she came to discover that what she was stepping on was actually a tiny fleshy hand, one that looked like a baby’s.

    Her body stiffened and she quickly jumped back a couple of steps. She lifted her head and her gaze fell over the area she was standing in, to see that the entire floor was filled with baby corpses, and that not a single dead corpse was whole, all of them broken and mutilated.

    Her face immediately turned white as a sheet.

    “Frightened?” A hand suddenly held her by the shoulder, the voice low and deep.

    Qing Yu was slow to react as she turned around to look. Although she was shrouded in deep darkness, the man’s pair of violet eyes were giving off a faint light, dazzlingly absorbing.

    “Why have you come as well?” Qing Yu was a little surprised. [Hadn’t she asked Bai Zhi Yan to come instead? This man is so highly revered and venerable, how can he be allowed to come risk himself with them? ?]

    Lou Jun Yao looked at her expression that was seeming to say “Why did you come?” and his eyes narrowed slightly in displeasure. “I just saved you and you are treating me with such an attitude? What? Could it be because I am not as reliable as that fella Bai Zhi Yan? That made so sneakily send him that note?”

    Qing Yu was stunned by the successive questions shot right at her. [What is this man getting so worked up about?]

    [And, what does he mean by sneakily?]

    She had sent Meatball to go deliver the information and it was done all open and aboveboard. Moreover, how could Bai Zhi Yan possibly not go tell him upon receiving the news? Isn’t he here now in the end anyway?]

    But although that was what she thought in her heart, Qing Yu was still kind with her words when she said in explanation. “Isn’t that all because of your highly venerable status and position? Moreover you’re not an Elixir Cultivator so you wouldn’t be that much help in here. The main thing you cannot come to meet with any danger as what am I going to do if such a revered and sacrosanct body comes to be hurt?”

    Lou Jun Yao glanced her her expressionlessly and it was a good while before he asked in a quizzical voice. “So you are being concerned about my body?”

    Qing Yu was greatly taken aback by those words….. [Why does that sound so wrong?] But she did not think too much about it and just nodded her head offhandedly. “I expended a great deal of effort to heal that body of yours! Of course I am concerned about it!”

    Hearing that, the man’s face then warmed up a little before he said: “What made you want to come to a reprehensible place like this anyway?”

    Qing Yu sighed in long sigh in helplessness. “It’s a long story. We do not harbour any ill intentions but the opponent must have sensed our intentions and came to take the first strike.”

    When she spoke about that, she was suddenly startled a moment. “Did you see my friend? She was dressed in full black clothes.”

    “Bai Zhi Yan will save her, so you don’t have to worry.” Lou Jun Yao replied. His eyes then turned a little disapproving before he continued: “If there is anything you want to do, I can get people to help you. Why would you come put yourself into such danger? You’ve just recently recovered from your injuries and you already can’t stay idle for a bit?”

    The man’s voice was faintly tinged with a rare moment of anger and Qing Yu was a little surprised being admonished in such a manner.

    This was probably the first time that she was told off by someone in this way.