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Chapter 107.2 - : Inside the Ghost Cavern

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 107.2 : Inside the Ghost Cavern

    If this was in any other circumstances, she would definitely not lose in a war of words. But….. those words were truly said out of real concern for her and she found herself unable to say anything towards that for a moment.

    It was only after while that she finally found her voice. “I saved you before and you have saved my life as well. Didn’t I say it very clearly the last time? We….. do not owe each other anything so how could I possibly trouble you again…..”

    Lou Jun Yao could not help but burst out laughing when he heard that. He arched up an eyebrow and then said teasingly with a barely perceptible smile on his lips. “Bai Zhi Yan is one of my men. What difference is there between you troubling me and troubling him? Moreover, I still remember that I saved you another time in Hades’ Canyon and with the addition on this time, you owe me two big debts now.”

    [Doesn’t the little fox hate owing people the most? I should make her owe me more and more in accumulation. Who asked her to be so callous and heartless?]

    As expected, when Qing Yu heard those words, her tiny little face immediately creased up and looked highly troubled.

    [For a single herb she had already overpaid by so much and had even gotten herself injured while returning the favour which should have been a hundred times over in repayment. But now, it is a matter of him saving her life and as what people say, the debt owed to one who saved your life is larger than Heaven itself, how is she going to pay him back?]

    Seeing her looking so forlorn with despair, Lou Jun Yao became highly amused the more he looked at her. He then smiled to tell her: “There’s no hurry. You can just pay me back slowly as I will not be running off anyway. But if you come to run away someday instead, I have my ways of finding you.”

    Just like when he had put her on the wanted list for two years in the White Fen Lands back before without any result, hadn’t she finally come walking into one of his territories in the end?

    All in all, everything came down to fate and destiny.

    The expression on Qing Yu’s face turned even more ugly when she heard that and she just turned herself around to walk away, where even the baby corpses she had been most afraid of did not affect her anymore. It was probably because she was feeling so infuriated that it made her become a lot braver.

    Lou Jun Yao just followed behind her feeling even more amused.

    Although the surroundings were pitch dark, it was no obstacle to the two people who could see in the dark. But the further they walked, the evil and sinister feeling they felt grew more intense, until she came to break out in a bout of goosebumps all over.

    Raising her head to look up, she saw a dense veil of countless white entities floating in the air, roaming aimlessly around.

    It was a horde of human shaped spirit figures with disheveled hair floating around, and she came to discover only when she got closer that those hundreds to thousand floating bodies were spirit of people who died by hanging, their faces a greenish white pallor with their long tongues hanging out while their bodies drifted like there were no bones inside.

    A few shadowy figures would float pass near to them occasionally, seemingly curious about these two who had suddenly appeared in there. The spirits then gathered together to whisper softly to each other, but the two people overheard their conversation.

    “Why do those two look so different from all of us here?”

    “Maybe their cultivation is still too low I think, which makes them look so different as ghosts. See, they have not even gained the power of levitation in their cultivation, I feel so sad for them.”

    “Don’t say anymore. They are really pitiful.”


    Qing Yu was speechless. “…..”

    As for Lou Jun Yao, “…..”

    [They dare say he’s a ghost? Want to gain an understanding of what it means to have your spirit soul struck to scatter and disperse completely?]

    Fortunately, although the ghosts who died from hanging looked rather frightening, they did not seem to harbour any ill intentions but to merely come floating close to satisfy their curiosity, and then flying a far way off from them after that.

    Qing Yu was wracking her mind trying to remember what type of ghosts among the ghost race were able to gather spirit energies. The best kind would be those that were non aggressive and easy to control, like a newly derived little ghost.

    She was absorbed in her thoughts when she felt her body being pulled back. Lou Jun Yao had rushed up from behind and was now standing before her, his tall and towering figure blocking her out completely. That sudden and unexpected action had Qing Yu feeling all puzzled and she asked: “What’s wrong?”