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Chapter 107.3 - Inside the Ghost Cavern

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 107.3 : Inside the Ghost Cavern

    Lou Jun Yao turned his head to glance briefly at her as he said indifferently. “It’s not safe.”

    “I know…..”


    Qing Yu’s gaze was a little conflicted as she looked at the figure of the man before her. [Was this fella protecting her?]

    It must be said that this was the first time for Qing Yu who was always protecting others to be shielded behind someone like this, and the feeling was rather indescribable. [Why was she seemingly so weak when compared to this man?]

    [What kind of an strange feeling was that!]

    Compared to the relative uneventfulness here on this side, Mu Lai had instead suffered the attack of a horde of ferocious red clothed ghosts.

    They were all badly mutilated and incomplete torsos without their limbs and heads, but were instead highly malevolent, causing one’s hair to stand on end. The fiendish ghosts surged forward together as a horde, their sinister and aggrieved words resounding in a whirl around one’s ears, pounding incessantly at one’s line of defense that protected their sanity.

    “Give me back my head….. Give me back my life….. Return my child back to me…..”

    The colour on Mu Lai’s face turned an extremely ugly shade. Hearing the words of these aggrieved ghosts drumming in her ears seemed to make her start to feel she was the culprit who caused them to suffer all the injustice and their woes. She was suddenly feeling terrified, guilt ridden, agonized by all these negative sentiments striking at her heart that caused her to be almost possessed by one of the ferocious ghosts.

    Right at that moment, the clear melodious ringing sound of bells rang out, accompanied by what seemed to be the chanting of a Buddhist mantra. The sound came nearer from afar and the horde of ferocious ghosts screeched, scattered in all directions. Some of them were not able to get away in time and they writhed up in a twist before turning into plumes of green smoke, their souls scattering and dispersed into nothing.

    Mu Lai was covered all over in ice cold sweat. Two people suddenly appeared right before her eyes and the red robed one in front, a devilishly enchanting man smiled and extended his hand out to help her up. “You alright?”

    Mu Lai stood up straight and said rather weakly. “I’m fine. Thanks to the two of you for your help.”

    The grey robed man behind was holding a string of green coloured bells in his hand and was still shaking it. “Tsk tsk tsk, this thing works rather well doesn’t it?”

    Bai Zhi Yan rolled his eyes at him. “Stop fooling around. What’s important is that we must find those two first.”

    Mu Lai looked at the two men before her and her mind suddenly remembered something. As understanding washed over her, she then asked: “You’re friends of Qing Yu’s?”

    “That’s right!” Bai Zhi Yan nodded with a smile.

    Mu Lai then felt highly relieved. “Then we’ve got to find her quick. We were just separated and I do not know where she fell into, or what kind of danger she might be in.”

    Bai Zhi Yan acknowledged quickly and he stretched his hand out to tap the shoulder of the man still playing with the bells. “Hurry up and see where they are.”

    The grey robed man then stopped his actions, and waved his large hand before himself. The air before him rippled and swirled and he started to look for traces of Lou Jun Yao and Qing Yu.

    [The friends that Qing Yu mentioned are actually such highly skilled experts from a higher realm!]

    In the span of a few breaths, two figures appeared in the picture before them. They were still surrounded in darkness themselves here but it was clear and bright where Lou Jun Yao was, filled with a brilliant red light.

    “Where is that place?” Mu Lai asked in surprise.

    [How could such a place appear here so deep underground? Why was the place so red in the image?]

    The grey robed man’s brows knitted up. “That is….. The territory of the Flaming Red Ghosts.”