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Chapter 108.1 - Crafty Flaming Red Ghos

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 108.1 : Crafty Flaming Red Ghost

    The Flaming Red Ghosts were a species with stronger attack power among the Ghost race and one must not let them touch your body at all or one would at the very least suffer a highly stubborn high fever that would not go away with their body turning a bright red, or in a worse case scenario, their life essence would be eaten away, till they wither and expire.

    The red clothed malevolent ghosts were already considered to be one of the higher level types but the Flaming Red Ghosts were another notch above them. These ghosts had all suffered extreme agony right before they died, brutally burnt to death.

    It was said that many many years ago, there was a kingdom that had a highly cruel and brutal Emperor. Anyone who came to offend him would be thrown into a fiery pit, letting them wail and howl pitifully with the burning flames as he watched to satisfy that twisted sense of pleasure he got from that.

    The most appalling incident was when he sentenced a thousand people to death all at once. All those people struggled and cried out in agony, but no one could save them. The longing to be saved in those people’s hearts then turned into despair and hopelessness, finally evolving into rage and aggrievement, which in turn became the source of their immense power.

    They were all fiery red from head to toe with burn wounds all over their bodies. A great number of them looked grotesquely unrecognizable and too hideous to look at, having assumed the form as ghosts exactly like they had looked at the point of their horrendous death.

    Qing Yu tugged at a corner of the man’s clothes with one hand, to stop him from continuing his way forward.

    “What’s wrong?” Lou Jun Yao turned his head around to ask.

    “I have a bad feeling.” Qing Yu said slowly with her brows knitted up.

    Lou Jun Yao had just wanted to tease her a little for being scared when the dark space behind him suddenly turned bright, the entire place filling up with a blood red light.

    Qing Yu stared with her eyes wide, stunned by the sight before her.

    It was a incredibly large and wide hole in the ground that seemed like it would be able to hold ten thousand people. It was filled with roaring great flames inside and although the great fire blocked their view from seeing clearly what was inside, the agonized cries and screeching screams were impossible to miss.

    At the edge of the deep gorge, countless blood drenched hands were reaching out, helpless with despair.

    “It’s burning me….. This is too painful…… I am dying…..”

    “Save me….. I do not want to die….. I really do not want to die…..”

    Countless faces burnt beyond recognition could be seen within the fire, looking at them pleadingly, almost seemingly hopeful.

    Qing Yu subconsciously took a step forward.

    “Don’t go there. All these people are already dead.” Lou Jun Yao pulled her back and said, his voice grim and cold.

    Qing Yu’s fingers clenched up tightly, her face looking a little pained. “But they are in pain…..”

    Lou Jun Yao tightened the grip of his hand a little, causing pain to shoot up Qing Yu’s arm. “Wake up. Don’t let your mind be clouded by them.”

    [The lass might be rather capable, but she’s just too soft hearted and not vicious enough. The moment she felt the slightest bit of pity for these Flaming Red Ghosts, she had immediately fallen into their trap. Because Flaming Red Ghosts carried such an intense amount of agonizing pain and aggrievement in them, a person’s heart gets affected by them easily.]

    Qing Yu quickly snapped back to her senses from the hard grip on her arm. Her face furrowed up in frustration and she cursed out softly. “Damn it!”

    [She had nearly fallen for it.]

    The enormous pit before her eyes almost completely blocked off the way forward and they were not able to skirt around the edges as the slightest misstep would cause them to be caught by the stretched out hands of the Flaming Red Ghosts and pulled right into the fiery pit.

    They had died in that fiery pit and after they turned into ghosts, the pit had become a cage that held them trapped, unable to escape from but to continue to suffer the torment under the burning flames.

    All of them had already lost their flesh bodies and were in fact existing only with their spirit souls, hence, they should not have to fear fire any longer. But as the trauma from the way they had died was really just too great, they were still deeply immersed in that fear, and could not help but continue to cry out for help.