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Chapter 108.2 - Crafty Flaming Red Ghos

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 108.2 : Crafty Flaming Red Ghost

    Lou Jun Yao watched her face that was deep in thought and suddenly said in a soft voice: “It is said that Flaming Red Ghosts are the only species among the ghost race who are able to be reborn.”

    Qing Yu was shocked to hear those words and she raised her eyes up to ask quizzically: “Reborn?”

    Lou Jun Yao nodded. “Because Flaming Red Ghosts were believed to be kind people when they were alive and did not do anything bad, but as they were made to die such a brutal and painful death, the aggrievement and rage in them just could not disperse, causing them to turn into souls who refused to depart. Hence…..”

    His eyes then turned dark as he gazed at the countless hands trying to climb out from the enormous pit but fell back down because of the raging flames and said: “In this mass grave, if ten thousand live humans are sacrificed with all of them dying the same way these ghosts did, the Flaming Red Ghosts would then gain the opportunity to be reborn.”

    Qing Yu’s face went slack jawed. “But isn’t that just too cruel! ?”

    “This are the rules they play by in order to survive.”

    Lou Jun Yao stretched his hand out to point at a particular spot in the pit. It was a youth who looked to be just in his teens.

    But he was different from all the other heinously mutilated ghosts around him. Besides the fact that his skin was bright red, his face was still in good shape. He was even rather good looking as his eyes stared fierily at them, his gaze seemingly covetous and filled with longing.

    “Do you know why that youth looks so different from the others?”


    “He has devoured the life essence of a hundred live humans at least and is just waiting for the opportune moment to make his move, thinking to lure us over to him.” Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips to say. “Although he is unable to come out too far from the fire pit, he will still be able to move freely within a hundred meter radius away from it. Once we go close enough within his target range, he will definitely make his move.”

    Qing Yu then remembered that she had very nearly walked over to them and her heart quivered at that thought.

    “Qing Yu!”

    Just as she was mulling through the options in her mind, a voice suddenly rose up from behind. She turned around to look and saw Mu Lai in a rather wretched looking state, with Bai Zhi Yan and the grey robed man she had seen a few times before standing behind her.

    “Lai Lai, are you alright? Did you get hurt?” Qing Yu quickly walked over to hold her hand and surveyed her body from head to toe.

    Mu Lai shook her head lightly. “I’m fine. Lucky for me, the two of them appeared just in time to save me.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu turned to the two men and nodded at them. “Thank you very much.”

    “It’s nothing.” The grey robed man replied in a lazy voice.

    But Bai Zhi Yan put on a devilishly bright smile. “There’s no need for you to stand on ceremony with me at all! You’re almost family already! It’s the least we should do.”

    “…..” [Who is almost family with you? Acting so familiar.]

    With the horde of Flaming Red Ghosts that came to appear before them, they were unable to even go near, and it was impossible for them to force their way through. They were really caught in quite a pickle.

    Bai Zhi Yan arched up an eyebrow and then said: “There are just two choices before us. Either we defeat all these Flaming Red Ghosts till their souls scatter and disperse into nothing, or we dig out the exorcist behind all this and eradicate him. Since the enemy has already made his move, then we should just return the favour and root out all his little babies here.”

    “Tsk tsk. Isn’t that just too cruel?” The grey robed man said, his face looking rather sympathetic. “They already died such a pitiful death and you still want their souls to scatter and disperse? You’re worse than a beast!”

    Bai Zhi Yan suppressed the strong urge of wanting to kick him inside and he put on a forced smile as he said: “If you’re so kind, why not go sacrifice yourself up to them?”

    The grey robed man immediately glared at him and retracted his pretentious demeanor, turning stern and serious.

    “Why not this? I have an idea.” Qing Yu who had been silent for quite a while suddenly opened her mouth to say: “Aren’t these Flaming Red Ghosts….. afraid of fire?”