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Chapter 108.3 - Crafty Flaming Red Ghos

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 108.3 : Crafty Flaming Red Ghost

    She stretched out her hand and a torch appeared in her hand, with a golden red flame burning on its tip. From a distance away, the few other people in the group were able to feel the incredibly intense heat from the flame.

    It was clear to see that the fire was of a much higher level than the regular fire in the pit.

    “This is…..” The grey robed man’s eyes lit up, looking with great interest at the unique colour of the flames.

    Qing Yu laugh softly and said: “This is elixir fire from my life essence, its temperature many tens of times hotter than regular fire. Everyone of us can just hold one torch each and we should be able to carefully skirt the perimeter to get across.”

    Upon saying that, Qing Yu handed the torch over to the grey robed man who looked both excited and curious first and then pulled out a few more torches that were exactly the same as the first one.

    When she finally handed the last one to Lou Jun Yao, his face looked a little baffled and rather confused. Although he accepted the torch in the end, that conflicted look on his face was just too funny to look at, like that was just such a strange and unfamiliar thing to be doing.

    That’s right. To a man who knew only to eradicate any obstacle that stood in his way, this was probably his first time being so evasive.

    “Dividing up so much of the elixir fire from your body like this, is it really alright?” Lou Jun Yao asked in a low voice.

    “It’s fine. The fire has gained its own consciousness and is very intelligent. Moreover, it isn’t really that far a distance and it will all come back on its own once we get across.” Qing Yu said with a smile as she placed a hooked finger lightly over the fire. The flame immediately curled around her finger playfully, almost acting like a little child.

    The grey robed man took the lead with Mu Lai following behind him. Bai Zhi Yan walked in the middle and Lou Jun Yao took up the rear.

    The grey robed man went safely across. As the Flaming Red Ghosts were afraid of the intense heat of the elixir fire, they had all gathered over to the other side of the pit, keeping a distance away. They did not come to attack the group, and although they were rueful, there was nothing they could do.

    As Qing Yu walked, Lou Jun Yao followed right behind her. Just as she was about to cross, she suddenly heard a young voice call out, filled with sadness and sorrow. “Big Sister, please take me away from here.”

    It was that good looking youth. He was just looking pleadingly at her like she was his saviour. Qing Yu’s eyes narrowed but did not pay him any attention and was about to walk away to reach the other side already.

    “Big Sister. It’s just so painful….. Don’t leave me here….. Don’t leave me here alone…..”

    The young youth pitiful voice and his forlorn demeanor looked so much like her foolish little brother at home, who had begged and pleaded with her with her in very much the same way in the past, seemingly so insecure as he begged for her to not abandon him and leave him alone.

    Qing Yu’s footsteps suddenly paused a moment and her hand clenched up into a fist. She just could not ignore that voice.

    Lou Jun Yao saw her stop and he raised up an eyebrow in surprise. “What’s wrong?”

    Qing Yu hesitated. “Can I…..”

    But due to that one instant that her heart softened, she had let down her guard. And it was also at that very moment that the youth in the pit who had his eyes lowered suddenly let out a malevolent laugh and rose up in a leap, his body nimbly shooting straight towards Qing Yu, seeking to take a big bite upon the exposed smooth white skin on her neck.

    The lifeblood of this human was really just too tempting. It moved his heart more than any other person he had ever seen which made it impossible for him to control himself from wanting to taste and devour it.

    That scene had unfolded so fast which caught them off guard.

    Although Qing Yu had reacted very quickly but it was not as fast as the Flaming Red Ghost’s lust for her blood. Things happened faster than anyone could even say a thing. Lou Jun Yao’s eyes glinted and he lashed out with a palm strike, which caused the Flaming Red Ghost to let out a howl before its spirit soul scattered and dispersed in an instant.