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Chapter 109.3 - The Mysterious Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 109.3 : The Mysterious Old Man

    Qing Yu raised an eyebrow, a little surprised at his answer and her eyes then sparkled with a mischievous glint. “From your words, the meaning I gathered is that the reason all you people in Cloud Heaven have a lifespan of a few hundred or even several thousand years is because all of you are so vicious hearted and utterly unscrupulous up there?”

    Lou Jun Yao was taken aback by those words a moment before he gave a soft helpless laugh. “That line of thinking, works as well.”

    Qing Yu immediately twisted her face up in disdain and walked a distance further away from him before saying softly. “How frightening. Looks like I had better keep my distance from now onwards, or I might unknowingly fall into one of your schemes one of these days.”

    “…..” [This little fox sometimes really just knows how to get on one’s nerves.]

    As the two of them bantered, a loud sound suddenly rang out up in front. A rather elderly sounding voice then reached them from afar: “All of you have come a long way and I regret the tardiness in welcoming you. But as this place is where the ghost race reside, it is not suited for the living to remain in here too long.”

    “Cease this ghostly and mystifying farce and show yourself.” The grey robed man snorted with cold derision. He swept his eyes quickly around, and was surprised that he could not find any signs of the person who spoke.

    Bai Zhi Yan looked questioningly at him, and the grey robed man shook his head with a surprised look on his face.

    “This old man had guarded this place for more than forty years and I it is my first time seeing such a entity in here. Pardon my lack of manners.” That voice rang out speaking slowly, and an old man wearing old and tattered clothes gradually showed himself.

    It was a very short dwarf, only about half a grown man’s height. If not for his white beard and hair, one would have thought he was a child if one did not look carefully. A faint black mist swirled around him, the black shroud giving off a sinister and frightening feeling.

    “You are the Master Exorcist guarding this place?” Bai Zhi Yan arched up an eyebrow and asked in surprise. “Why did you capture our people?” Although the dwarf was short and did not look extraordinary, but he possessed a very powerful aura which made him seem to be an exceptional exorcist.

    Hearing that, the old man’s face did not change but his gaze passed fleetingly over Qing Yu briefly. “Capture? That isn’t true. This old man was trying to save these two little dolls.”

    He had actually seen through their disguises with just one glance and knew they were women dressed up as men. His eyes were quite astoundingly perceptive.

    “Everytime night fell, a great number of ghostly ghouls would climb out from underground and engage in mindless slaughter. I think that you would have witnessed that when you came here and if this old man did not take them away from there, I fear they would have met with misfortune.”

    “Then why would you want to save us?” Qing Yu asked with crafty suspicion.

    [There were so many people in the Afterlife Loft, so why did he only save the two of them? That was a rather suspicious point.]

    The old man then showed a highly benevolent smile. “Because in that place, those other people are all already dead.”

    [It was all dead people in there…..?]

    Those words said in a light fleeting tone shocked the group of people them.

    [What did he say?]

    [That the people in the Afterlife Loft were all dead? How is that even possible! ?]