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Chapter 109.4 - The Mysterious Old Man

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 109.4 : The Mysterious Old Man

    The old man saw their doubtful looks and continued to say: “Although they still retain their human shells, they have long become people who are doomed and would die soon. That is because the very foundation the Afterlife Loft is constructed upon was once a mass grave many years ago, with many countless bodies buried deep underneath. By right that should not have affected anything but as the people in the Afterlife Loft create just too much chaos, the aura of evil malevolence accumulated over a long period gets absorbed into the corpses, which then causes evil spirits to spawn, fighting to absorb the evil aura of greed and sin that would make them grow in power. Hence all that there is up there now, is only just a bunch of mindless walking zombies immersed in their ultimate paradise.

    The atmosphere immediately fell heavily silent.

    No wonder those people had seemed so weird, the expression on their faces looking so abnormal. It was because they had lost their mind.

    Bai Zhi Yan shook his head and said with a sigh: “That brat has quite a good head for business on his shoulders but his ethics and sense of morals isn’t that well managed. He has really harmed quite a great number of people here this time. I must get him to close this place down when I go back to let all the departed souls rest in peace, so that they will not come out to haunt people again.”

    “Senior, the reason I came here this time is because I need…..” Mu Lai had just opened her mouth to clarify her intentions when the old man smiled and stopped her from continuing on before his weathered thin hand slowly pulled out a small thumbnail sized pill.

    “This is a Condensed Essence Elixir refined from the spirit essence from the ghost tribe. I think this will be helpful to you.”

    Mu Lai stared, her eyes wide with surprise as she carefully accepted the pill and then said highly gratefully: “Thank you Senior.”

    “No thanks needed. You should not stay here in this place for long, it’s better that all of you depart speedily!”

    “It seems like you do not want us to remain in here.” Lou Jun Yao said, his mouth suddenly curling up into an amused smile, his violet eyes looking at the short statured old man with a meaningful gaze.

    “The living should not tarry too long in this place as they might become tainted by the ghostly aura and fall severely ill, and there is no cure for that.” The old man explained.

    “Are you then saying that you’re dead?” Lou Jun Yao then asked.

    “Every single exorcist is a dead person, or how would they be able to hold down the countless thousands of evil spirits.”

    The old man took a long sigh and slowly turned his body away from them. The black mist around his body departed together with him and from that indistinct figure, it could almost be seen under the coarse hemp garment, that he did not have legs. From the moment he appeared, he had been floating.

    Qing Yu suddenly asked in a soft voice: “Who are you?”

    Not knowing the reason why, she just could not help but feel the old man’s gaze when he looked at her had been highly loving and very gentle, like he was seeing another person through her.

    “I am a person who is all filled with sin and lives in the deep depths of darkness.” The old and wizened voice sounded out from very far away, rippling out in circles. “But now, I have no more regrets. So many years have passed in a flash and Qing Er’s Little Qing has grown up so much already.”

    Qing Yu’s irises widened and her voice raised up. “What did you say? Do you know me! ?”

    The old man clearly knew who she was, and knew that her surname was Qing.

    [Qing Er’s Little Qing…..]

    [She is Little Qing, then Qing Er….. must surely be her mother!]