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Chapter 110.1 - Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 110.1 : Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

    But the figure of the old man was already gradually disappearing away. Qing Yu went speedily forward in pursuit but the ground suddenly shook and collapsed, splitting into two halves that cut off her way forward.

    Qing Yu barely managed to steady herself at the edge, her face terrifyingly dark and the aura around her body was highly oppressive. She just remained in her half crouched position at the edge of the split, staring down into the thousand foot deep chasm without saying a word.

    Mu Lai was a little worried. This was the first time that she was seeing Qing Yu looking like that, the exquisite features on her countenance without a single hint of a smile, but only an impending brutal storm approaching from the hills, sending a chill right through her.

    When a person who is always smiling suddenly turns his face grim and stern, it is really more frightening.

    “Qing Yu, are you alright?” Mu Lai asked in a soft voice, carefully holding her hand.

    From behind, Lou Jun Yao strode over slowly, his long slender arm stretching out to pull the young lady back up and a little further back from the edge. “What did that person just say that made you react so strongly?”

    Qing Yu’s dark eyes then slowly regained their focus bit by bit. She blinked her eyes and then massaged her temples as she replied: “It’s nothing. Maybe I was mistaken with what I heard.”

    Lou Jun Yao was not letting her muddle through it like that and he said slowly in response. “He clearly knew something and that was what you have always wanted to know about.”

    “That’s enough.” Qing Yu’s gaze turned a little chilly. “I will handle my own affairs myself.”

    Actually, she had initially not been that curious about the secrets of this body she occupied but too many suspicious points had turned up that was bothering her and hence she could help but need to seek a clearer picture.

    But, this was afterall a personal affair and it concerned the mystery of her birth, so she did not want too many people to know about it.

    “I can help you.” Lou Jun Yao saw her demeanor suddenly turning stiff and his brows pinched up slightly in displeasure.

    [This little fox changes faces faster than you can flip a book. When smiling gently she’s just a puddle of water. When she turns cold that water freezes into a sharp blade that can pierce right into your heart.]

    Hearing what he said, Qing Yu lowered her eyes. “Thank you, but there’s no need.”

    She then turned her head towards Bai Zhi Yan and the grey robed man. “I am grateful for what the two of you have done today. I will send a hundred superior grade elixirs over one of these days as a token of my appreciation.”

    Once she finished, she then took her leave with Mu Lai.

    Although she did not know why Qing Yu had suddenly turned to become so cold, but Mu Lai was still worried for her. She nodded her thanks to the men and then followed Qing Yu to leave.

    “Does that little lass have to be so calculative with everything? It didn’t take us that much effort at all and she has to be like this.” Bai Zhi Yan said as he shook his head helplessly, thinking it was going to be really hard for them to coax her into going to Cloud Heaven with them.

    “But, why did her demeanor change all of a sudden? What did that old man say just before he left? Qing Er?” Bai Zhi Yan rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Could it have something to do with the lass’ birth?”

    “Isn’t she a daughter born from a concubine in the Duke’s Manor? What kind of a secret could there be behind her birth? ?” The grey robed man asked, his face baffled.

    “Are you stupid?” Bai Zhi Yan rolled his eyes mournfully at him. “How do you think she compares with any other young lass back in Cloud Heaven? Let’s not mention anything else first. Did you even see that elixir fire of her’s? It a lot stronger than my own elixir fire. Just how great do you think the Feng Shui is here in the lower realms that it is able to produce such a maniacal specimen?”