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Chapter 110.2 - Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 110.2 : Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

    “There are only two possibilities. Either she is an old and haggard demoness with heaven defying cultivation reborn into another body or she came from an extraordinary family background where her parents were peerless experts and she inherited their talents from them.”

    Hearing that, the grey robed man nodded his head like it had just dawned upon him. “Could it then mean, that the lass’ parents might even be people from Cloud Heaven?”

    Bai Zhi Yan snorted disdainfully. “I suspected that from the first time I saw her alright?”

    If that’s not the case and it was known that just a little lass from the lower realms was actually higher skilled than him in Medicine, then how would he as the Young Lord of the Divine Healers Sect then still have the cheek to show himself?

    “Yawn~” The grey robed man let out a sleepy yawn . “It has been a long night and I’m tired to the bone. Let’s go back and get some good sleep!”

    “Let’s go Jun Yao.” Bai Zhi Yan said to the one beside him and then suddenly felt that something was not right. [Why has that fella suddenly gone quiet the moment the lass left?]

    [Is he angry?]

    Bai Zhi Yan cast his glance over warily but saw that the man’s fine and intricate features on his handsome countenance were tinged a scarlet red, which caused that always cold and distant face to somehow look even more dazzling.

    “Are you alright?” Bai Zhi Yan went a few steps closer. Just as he was going to check what was wrong with the man, he came to feel a wave of heat exuding out from the man. Bai Zhi Yan peach blossom like eyes immediately flared wide. “Why is your body so hot! ?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s violet eyes narrowed slightly and he stretched out his right hand. On his palm, there was a thin and long wound. It wasn’t deep, but blood could be seen.

    The grey robed man’s eyes widened in shock as well, the dozing bug driven right out of him in an instant. “You’re wounded! Heavens! Where did the wound come from! ?”

    He must not be blamed for being so surprised as having served that man for several hundred years, nothing has ever lived the moment the man lashed out. Not to mention injuring him, no one had been able to harm a single hair on him at all!

    So although it was just a thin sliver of blood to be seen, it was shocking enough already.

    “Shut up.” Seeing the grey robed man kicking up such a big fuss over it, Bai Zhi Yan could not help but to whip out a leg to kick the guy. “Are you such a stupid pig? Do you still need to ask! ? His body is so hot and anyone would be able to tell that he got the wound from that Flaming Red Ghost earlier at one glance.”

    Having suddenly gotten kicked and admonished, the grey robed man then asked in a weak voice looking all aggrieved. “Wasn’t the Lord completely fine all this time?”

    [And that lass had even checked him earlier.]

    “Are you brainless? If that lass finds out, she’ll feel that she owes us something and become even more distant from us! How could Jun Yao possibly let her know! ?” Bai Zhi Yan continued to berate him.

    The grey robed man almost felt like there was no point living anymore. Why must he be branded as stupid and brainless? Just what did he do wrong?

    Bai Zhi Yan turned his head around after admonishing him and his good looking face creased up with concern. “How could you allow yourself to be hurt? Don’t you know that your body is special and you cannot get wounded? What will you do if you get infected? How worrying!”

    Bai Zhi Yan and Lou Jun Yao grew up together from a very young age and they had been together for the longest time. Although he always suffered the stinging lash of Lou Jun Yao’s venomous tongue, he was always the one who was most concerned for Lou Jun Yao. Because no one else knew Lou Jun Yao better than he did, and knew that this man had suffered more than enough pain already.