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Chapter 110.3 - Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 110.3 : Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

    Lou Jun Yao looked at Bai Zhi Yan staring so mournfully at the wound on his palm and he laughed softly to say. “It’s just such a small wound. Do you need to make such a face? What? The Divine Healers Sect’s Young Lord’s medical skills seems to be slackening.”

    “Tsk! Who is in the mood to joke with you?” Bai Zhi Yan could not cheer himself up at all. “This small wound might be enough to cause you a whole barrel of agony. Scratched by the Flaming Red Ghost and you still think its nothing. You would have gotten off lightly if your fever just for an entire day and night.”

    Bai Zhi Yan was furious as he spoke and he suddenly stopped abruptly. His beautiful eyes peach blossom like eyes narrowed and he then said in a soft voice: “Jun Yao, I’m serious. Do not do this again next time.”

    “What?” Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow in surprise, not knowing what he meant by those words.

    “At that time, you could have dodged completely and kept yourself safe couldn’t you? But to ensure that the lass does not come to any harm, your actions came to be delayed and your opened yourself up to the risk of being bitten by the Flaming Red Ghost right?”

    Bai Zhi Yan’s enchantingly handsome countenance did not show his usual playful and frivolous expression but was stern and serious. “That lass is indeed rather highly skilled and holds quite more than a few mysterious trump cards hidden in her hands. I agree that it will be great for us if she’s on our side when she matures and grows in power in future, but you do not have to do so much for her, to the extent that you risk your venerable self to do it. You are the King of the Dark Regions and it is only when you’re safe and well that the Dark Regions can grow in might, where the disciples of the Dark Legion are firm in their faith and resolve, that would make the Dark Legion the most powerful might in Cloud Heaven one day. So, for the sake of everyone in the Dark Regions, you have to protect yourself.”

    It can be said that Lou Jun Yao had really been so completely indulged by everyone in the Dark Regions that he paid absolutely no regard to law and order and was wilfully impudent.

    No matter what he said or did, all those people recklessly followed behind him, acknowledging him without question. Even when the man had erratic mood swings and vented his frustrations on his subordinates when he was in a bad mood, not a single one among them uttered a single word of complaint, To the extent where as long as it made him happy, it did not matter even if they were flogged a hundred times.

    He could be said to be a man who truly possessed a mystical kind of attraction, that made people willingly lay down their lives for him from deep down inside their hearts, as when he was truly happy from the bottom of his heart, just the slightest rise in the arc of his lips was enough for all of them to give up everything they had.

    Even when Bai Zhi Yan had just been very young, he had been enthralled by just one statement from the young Lou Jun Yao. “When you’re around, I do not feel like I’m alone.”

    And it was just that one single statement that made Bai Zhi Yan choose to single mindedly remain by his side. Lou Jun Yao was just too lonely, so lonely that he did not know how to to sad or sorrowful, and did not know how to cry.

    That pair of violet eyes were always smiling seemingly sparkling with stars inside. He smiled when he was angry, he smiled when he was sad, and he smiled when he was filled with sorrow. Even when he went personally to exterminate the entire clan of the enemy who murdered his parents, and he killed the enemy’s wailing little baby who was just a few months old with his own two hands, he had still been smiling.

    He held the baby’s fragile neck, where from a loud clear wailing till the tiny face gradually turned greenish purple before the baby finally stopped breathing, Lou Jun Yao had seemingly been talking to himself, his words so saddening and devoid of hope.