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Chapter 110.4 - Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 110.4 : Protecting Oneself for the Sake of Everybody

    He said: “Why are you able to cry so freely but I can’t.”

    He said: “Why are you able to wail in sorrow when you see your parents die a violent death but I can’t.”

    He said: “Why do I have to live an existence like I’m the devil smiling that gazes upon all that happens in the world, unable to laugh without restraint, unable to cry with unbridled sorrow?”

    He said: “Why do I have to be such a heartless, cold blooded and tearless person, destined from the moment I was born to be a lone orphan star, where no one could come close to.”

    Countless questions came out from his mouth, but among all the scattered corpses that filled the floor, none could give him an answer.

    Finally, he suddenly lowered his head and laughed softly to himself, saying like he had completely lost his mind. “If that is what fate has destined it to be, then I can only….. defy what blind Heaven has ordained!”

    Ever since then, the King of the Dark Regions became an entity that no one did not know about, his personality haughty where people who did his bidding would thrive and anyone who defied him would not live. Everyone had kept their distance away from him back then, their faces changing the moment they heard his name.

    That was the reigning demon lord in Cloud Heaven who possessed highly powerful cultivation, his exact whereabouts mysterious and unfathomable. He also had a bunch of fiercely loyal and incredibly powerful henchmen doing his bidding, a truly awe inspiring existence.

    He terrorized Cloud Heaven with impudence for close to five hundred years and it might have been because some people were no longer able to put up with him any longer that drove them to join hands against the demonic lord. It was also because he had been too arrogant at that time which led him to fall for their ploy.

    And from then onwards, Lou Jun Yao began to withdraw into himself in restraint, no longer as spirited and wilful, turning to become exceptionally steady. His heart also grew a lot stronger in the process, where no one, nor was there anything that could move his heart anymore, which made Bai Zhi Yan who had always been beside him a lot less worried.

    But right before him now, he had discovered that things had taken a bad turn.

    A variable had suddenly appeared, and it was a variable that was able to affect his emotional state.

    To the extent that this very variable had made him breach his own principle, to do so many things that his current self should not be doing.

    Lou Jun Yao looked at Bai Zhi Yan’s worried expression and he opened his mouth to say, feeling rather amused: “I know that you are concerned about me and I am touched. But you should not think too much into it as this is merely an accident and it’s just a tiny scratch. It’s nothing.”

    “Jun Yao, do not try to do anything for that lass anymore. Although she saved your life, but you have saved her as well. It is just as she said before, you’re even.”

    Lou Jun Yao was a little surprised. “Didn’t you have quite a good impression of her?”

    “That is an entirely separate matter.” Bai Zhi Yan said stern faced. “If my admiration of her will cause you to risk getting hurt, then I will willingly abandon that kind of an admiration.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze darkened, and he did not say anything more.

    And the inconspicuous grey robed man who had remained at the side to listen for so long then suddenly spoke up. “I’ll say something but the two of you must not be angry…..”

    The two men turned to look at him, like they were curious what kind of infuriating thing could he possibly bring up.

    “I had always felt….. Bai Zhi Yan, have you actually adored the Lord for many years?” The grey robed man had contemplated on it for quite a long while, before he came to give voice to that audacious statement that could very well get him silenced.